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#header# This is a project to make floats that are easier to use,currently only software and in a high-level language,However i am have gotten help from a c programmer ,also implementing in hardware should be simple enough for the engineers . my email is kingcocomango2@yahoo.com. #newest->oldest# fixed a problem in show(),made functions not mess up the original,but will probably change in future,added simplyfy function ,as fraction,also power to integers without using floats,however due to bugs in / had to use log for power to other floats which means some impressision,for more info download latest and read comments(lines that start with #,first lines are like documentation) ## Will not divide for ever now,also added show() to print out the Function,also operators return a mfloat also so things like X+y == z will work,not much speed diffrence because direct NFV,FV assigment,but might add dedicated function. Show will eventually become part of main with the class returning just other mfloats since representation in other implementations will be handled difrently. Still need help for c,since it is faster,but I am trying to learn it myself.
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