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Version 4.0.16 - Maintenance release wo seg fault * fix seg fault in waterfall only mode 8psk lockup problem * correct lockup associated with S/N and IMD disply when using 8psk mode. Code change fixes problem reported by K0OG. I was not able to replicate the lockup on test machines. Miscellaneous menu * provide access to various miscellaneous config tabs pskrep autostart * allow user to control pskrep start during program initialization OS X build script * Modified to only build dmg with dylibs Grid Square Contest * Add Grid Square to generic contest log fields Logbook Export * Add LoTW sent/rcvd to export values * Create unverified.txt flat file when LoTW download contains unmatched records - notifier dialog shows # records # matched # unmatched Greek translation update * update to el.po Alert timeouts * FSQ change message received alert from fl_alert2 to notify(...) - notify dialog is not modal - can be set to a timeout interval - displays timeout sequencing as clock dial - does not inhibit decoding or UI with main dialog. * LoTW changed - fl_alert2 to notify_dialog * Logbook merger - changed fl_alert2 to notify_dialog video * Correct lock up caused by waterfall video stream
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