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  • Really nice download manager. The only downside is that the free version has limited features.

  • I like this project. It's exellent!

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  • I've downloaded 2 movies with flareget, one was 9Gb and 5Gb. Both were broken and player did not play them from some point where download segmetns were merged. I am so angry!

  • plz help me.. i am not able to install in ubuntu 11.04. can anyone explain me, ho to install it.

  • Great software, thanks flareget

  • Namaste. I think it's a great effort. I have a question and please do reply. There is this unique feature in IDM, "refresh link address", and undoubtedly you know about it. It's a great feature for people with slow connections; people like me. But I haven't seen it in any other download manager other than IDM. Why is it so hard or difficult to implement this feature in download managers? I think with the addition of this feature your DM would be absolutely perfect. Please tell your opinion about the implementation of this feature in your DM.

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  • I ask nicely, please, please, pretty please. Add browser intergration for Opera Linux. There is currently NO downloader anywhere that supports browser intergration for opera linux. Just think about it, if you add this feature every opera user out there would use flareget, its pretty much open market ... firefox and chrome users have lots of options where downloaders are concerned, but opera users have none ... I'd say that would really make your downloader stand out and give it a unique advantage...

  • It's truly an IDM alternative app for Linux and it's the only one out there with multi-thread technology up to 16 segments/connections just like IDM :D But of course it's at its early stages and needs a lot of work. Well done Syed, I completly support you :) P.S Try to advertise about it everywhere possible to attract developers and contributers :)

  • The first stable version of flareGet, with more features and bug fixes will be released soon. Browser integration is supported now for all browsers (available separately). If you like this software and want to contribute for its further development, you can send a small payment to my paypal account <> Support for flareGet has been added in "Flashgot" addon, which can be used for better browser integration with Firefox.

  • we are waiting for a real accelerator for linux , I hope you can manage it. following here regularly for the good news. all the best.