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Wonderland 1.2 -Introduction -What is a Flame Fractal? -Minimum system requirements -Features -Beta version -Pre-generated photos Introduction: This program is a Flame Fractal. By using this program you specify your desired fractal and some properties of output data, and then create your fractal image. It is available through web at open source, you can download program to create your desired photos which you have in your dreams or add your some needed features to its code, for doing this please read license text file. What is a Flame Fractal? Flame Fractals are a member of IFS system. Iterated Functions System (IFS) created by Scott Draves. For more details please refer to "". Minimum requirements: For users: - Any Operating system that supports Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 - Running this program by Mono in Linux OS may cause to some problems and not guaranteed to works truly - Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 - 3 MB hard disk space - 128 MB physical RAM For developers: - Any Operating system that supports Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 - Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 - 3 MB hard disk space - 256 MB physical RAM - C# (Sharp) .Net 3.0 or above - We recommended [Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 / VS 9.0][Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 / VS 10.0] Features: - Fractal formula creator tool for specifying fractals schema - Thumbnail window which add ability to view specified fractal at real time - Random color palette for creating smooth photos - Save and restore system for maintains fractals formula and properties Beta version: This is a beta version, and then maybe there are some errors and bugs in it. I have checked this and found some bugs and listed them in "bugs.txt" file Pre-generated photos: Some saved fractals are rendered at high-resolution quality and published to the web for public use by Arash Ebrahimi 2007 - 2012
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