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  • Note that this software is a simple shell around a command line program. It does what is advertised very well. However there is a lot of scope for new features (which of course can be requested on the home page). But 5 *s because it works as expected!!

  • This is a great, efficient, easy-to-use app. Right on with the threads! My extreme core processor can cut through hundreds of flac files like butter. It uses LAME (and includes it) for MP3 encodes by default which works great.

  • The sound quality not so good . I made output of same 320bit files from it and "FLAC To MP3" ( not free utill ) the its outpot sound lass good.

  • Using FlacSquisher Version 1.3.7. Works great for me. Does on Windows exactly what my collection of shell scripts did on my Linux server, but MUCH faster! Created a parallel directory of MP3 files from my directory of almost 15,000 FLAC files overnight!

  • Great program once you figure it out. I was looking for a program that converted all my flac files while keeping the folder structure AND also copying over the sub-folders containg "Artwork" "Scans" etc and their content. This way I had an exact backup of my FLAC file library as MP3. I had previously tried dBPoweramp Batch Converter but could not get it to copy over these sub-folders, or at least I could'nt figure it out. Found this program and it does exactly what I was looking for. So 5 Stars for sure. It keeps file structure plus it copies over all sub-folders such as "Artwork" and its contents along with all .jpegs and any other files you specify. Nice job FlacSquisher.......

  • Very well working.

  • Just what I needed to convert about 1000 FLAC files to mp3's. Rather straight forward once you get the library/software programs, as shown in the options. FlacSquisher went to work saving me the hassle of doing it manually in Sony Sound Forge Pro or similar, as I typically did. As a Linux user (Debian 8.3 Jessie) it would be nice to have it a native program, but works fine in Wine. Many thanks for saving me the hassle of converting all the FLAC's manually!

  • Straightforward and easy. If you know where your FLAC files are, and where you want to put them, this couldn't be simpler. Download to full conversion of a given set of files: 5 min. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • I hate to criticize FOSS projects, which entail so much personal effort (which I respect) for little to no reward, but sorry, this is a very limited program. No support for CUE track splitting - if the CD has been ripped to a single FLAC file (they usually are), you get a single long MP3 file, too. The intended audience is *audiophiles*, who are not necessarily computer geeks as well, and may not even know what LAME is. But I do, and I know that LAME defaults to joint stereo VBR. I wanted real stereo CBR 320 (joint stereo often sounds muffled, and VBR confuses many players), so I had to search for LAME command switches before using the program. Hey, modern users expect to click on the parameters they want, and from then on it's not their problem! Moreover, the UI is plain, unattractive, outdated (it looks like something made in 1992 for Windows 3.1...) and uses a font that appears tiny and difficult to read in today's full HD monitors (with 4K ones looming on the horizon already). A conversion progress bar is only available in the Windows 7 version, which is not even mentioned in the Sourceforge description (and since I'm on Windows 10, I had to check if it was *up to* Windows 7 or Windows 7 *and later* - it's the latter). I bet 99% of Windows 7+ users will miss that and download the XP/Vista version. That version being default doesn't make sense at a time when XP is 14 years old, unsupported by Microsoft, with a dwindling market share and a security liability, while Vista is almost out of the radar. And since mobility is key today, a portable version to be run from a thumb drive would be nice - this is often the greatest appeal of many FOSS programs. Sorry, but except for the very much welcome and modern multicore support, this is not a program for 2015.

  • 5 Stars, but I miss the function to see my cpus/threads being monitored and percentage of the current conversion, just some more details :)

  • The best FLAC converter!

  • It have my recomendation.

  • great software, what I was searching since a long time. Simple and functional. If I could suggest improvements, the possibility of being guided through the creation of mp3/lame options, thus allowing the user to avoid typing -V0 -b....-q0 ...etc.

  • As simple as needed, it does what it is supposed to do without embellishment. Thanks a lot!!

  • Fantastic App! Does what its supposed to do and **no** adware or any other bloat. I used this to convert 100 flac files to MP3 format, it did it with no additional input from me other than input and output directories. I also followed intellimoo's advice and input his command line option: -q 0 -b 320

  • very easy to use. i don't understand the complaints about the complexity of selecting source and target folders. conversion carried the song tags through to mp3 fine. nicely done. thanks!

  • Works great. Just had to set the command line options to -q 0 -b 320, then was all set.

  • This is awesome piece of software what do exactly what i want - convert flac to mp3. It fast, multi-threaded, open source, no ads. It definitely worth high score.

  • Simple, easy to use - easy to change bitrate. Exactly what I needed!

  • A simple piece of software that works. You can take issue with the interface, but it works. And I think you don't have to worry whether it contains spyware etc. That's a huge plus for me.

  • insanely simple to use. been waiting a long time for a utility like this. good job

  • file.flac: ERROR: stream is too big to fit in a single WAVE file Warning: unsupported audio format

  • Great application, good job, thanks!

  • Had to convert my flac files to mp3 for my car stereo, this is exactly what I was looking for. Smooth and easy to use, 5 stars! Good job, thanks.

  • Great little tool. Thanks mate! App crashed first time when I tried to create files in a readonly folder... Some meaningful error message would be nicer but one can't always assume the dumbest user ;)

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