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  • I hate to criticize FOSS projects, which entail so much personal effort (which I respect) for little to no reward, but sorry, this is a very limited program. No support for CUE track splitting - if the CD has been ripped to a single FLAC file (they usually are), you get a single long MP3 file, too. The intended audience is *audiophiles*, who are not necessarily computer geeks as well, and may not even know what LAME is. But I do, and I know that LAME defaults to joint stereo VBR. I wanted real stereo CBR 320 (joint stereo often sounds muffled, and VBR confuses many players), so I had to search for LAME command switches before using the program. Hey, modern users expect to click on the parameters they want, and from then on it's not their problem! Moreover, the UI is plain, unattractive, outdated (it looks like something made in 1992 for Windows 3.1...) and uses a font that appears tiny and difficult to read in today's full HD monitors (with 4K ones looming on the horizon already). A conversion progress bar is only available in the Windows 7 version, which is not even mentioned in the Sourceforge description (and since I'm on Windows 10, I had to check if it was *up to* Windows 7 or Windows 7 *and later* - it's the latter). I bet 99% of Windows 7+ users will miss that and download the XP/Vista version. That version being default doesn't make sense at a time when XP is 14 years old, unsupported by Microsoft, with a dwindling market share and a security liability, while Vista is almost out of the radar. And since mobility is key today, a portable version to be run from a thumb drive would be nice - this is often the greatest appeal of many FOSS programs. Sorry, but except for the very much welcome and modern multicore support, this is not a program for 2015.

  • file.flac: ERROR: stream is too big to fit in a single WAVE file Warning: unsupported audio format

  • Ok I just tested it out with a not expected outcome, so here's my criticism: The UI for opening file.. well, it doesn't exist, one only tells the SW in which folder the file/-s resides, in my case I had a FLAC file and set up the SW to convert it to MP3, what happened is it started to convert other files such as MP4 and FLV (those file formats are not even in the description on this page of those formats this SW can convert), it went on and wanted to convert another MP3 to MP3, really...? Come on! * Please make it possible for the user to chose both files AND folder * Please don't let this program just mull on and convert EVERYTHING it finds in the source folder, let the user chose which format to convert from, and to what format. I appreciate the effort, but as it stands now it lacks a lot of basic control and I am not going to use it any more as of now, but will be happy consider it again when above things are fixed. Thanks anyway!