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  • Fast and simple.

  • very easy to use

  • Sorry, but this projekt looks very much dead to me. There is no activity at all.

  • Firescrum is the best web-based open-source tool for Agile Projects Management because does more with less. It's very simple to use. And also, very cool to use! I use since October 2009 when I met her in Ágiles2009 the presentation of its main developer and Product Manager, Mr. Eric Cavalcanti. To be nicer still, in my opinion, some improvements still need to be made: (1) burndown chart, both Sprint and the Product, is still confused and has some bugs; (2) It is not possible to know the actual time that was spent on a task by the tool. (I already have a solution for that!) (3) When a task is placed as KANBAN DONE in the field estimate should not go to 0. (4) The field (text area) description (Description) and the Tasks of BacklogItens should also allow text formatting, and also possible to attach images / files. (Maybe a rich text editor may be the solution); (5) The name field (name) of Tasks and also BacklogItens should have a higher limit of characters, maybe 255 and display in two rows. (I know this may complicate in Kanban). Another tip would be to invest in graphics reports.

  • Firescrum is a really nice and simple tool to control development projects. I'm using the tool to control up to 5 projects in parallel with a developer team of 15-20 members and it is being super productive. Lack of documentation is a problem (specially in the installation) but the simple layout is intuitive.

  • Very nice tool, straight forward. We are enjoying using it. Hast definitely some edges to round up, but in the end very recommendable.

  • Firescrum is a very nice tool, it has a great future.

  • A great start to a Scrum management tool.