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  • On the positive side, it is a good project, and there is a need for FAR utilities. Also on the positive side, it's the multi-line feature that is the most valuable. However, on the negative side, if you use FAR, it CAN create more problems for you than solutions. It should work with HTML + CSS + JavaScript code, However, whenever HTML or CSS or JavaScript code needs to be replaced, FAR CAN BE an enormously BIG pain in the back. For example, tonight I worked with FAR for 5 or 6 hours, and I'm totally down, very-very tired, exhausted and frustrated. Why? A) because ALL of my work has been USELESS.... it has been a TOTAL (100%) waste of time! B) because, for starters, and FAR too many times, FAR kept saying it "found 0 files" when I was positive there were hundreds of files.... and I was able to confirm this, using a similar software known as 'Quick Search and Replace'. C) because, if FAR was able to find my files, it gave me hundreds of error messages... all kinds of syntax errors IN RED in the top left corner, similar to "syntax error near 46" and "syntax error near 28", etc. however, it provided no explanations whatsoever, and these numbers 46, 28, etc. were meaningless!! D) because, in my experience, FAR vigorously and unrelentingly opposes and frustrates you, the user, whenever it is JavaScript, or any part of a JavaScript that needs to be found and replaced. E) because FAR can create more problems than solutions, because the user is never notified BEFORE multiple lines (per file) are replaced. The user is notified AFTER the replacement, but by that time it's usually too late, from a user's point of view. Because after you get HUNDREDS of "syntax error_" messages, you're too eager and happy click the replace button. F) because I wish I had never downloaded this free product. It's SIMPLY NO GOOD, unless you already know how to handle it. I can't tell WHO wrote the 6 or 7 reviews before me, but guys, guys, next time do it differently and ACTUALLY USE the software BEFORE you review it! G) because there is 'Actual Search ans Replace' a 'shareware' product that ACTUALLY WORKS, unlike this one which REALLY-REALLY doesn't. H) Because FAR is misleading. Initially it appears to work, don't be misled, if it happens to work INITIALLY, or some of the time, in ideal, simple situations. I) because FAR is just another case of 'you get what you pay for'. However, on the positive side, the PRICE WAS RIGHT! And, also on the positive side, FAR works pretty well. But it works only if you remove the check mark from the "Regular expression" box. Guys, using your reviews, you should've warned me!