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  • FileZilla is a good FTP program if you like your user interface filled with a lot of buttons, windows, columns, options, etc. Does not support automatically saving modified files to the remote server. There are about 15-20 feature requests in trac for this, however a developer by the name of codesquid has unilaterally vetoed and rejected forks disallowing this feature from coming into the main branch. Uninstalled.

  • Excellent

  • It works but some bugs are brought forward since the age of dinosaurs. One of them is the site manager whose window has random size and does not remember the last size. Now I've discovered that the random size is actually depending on the last host I open: 1) if it is an host in the first position in the list, the next time the window will be huge; 2) if you open an host that is in the tail of the list, the next time the site manager window will have a very small height. For a product like this, installed by default by hundreds of Linux distros, IT IS RIDICULOUS. It's not acceptable. And by the way I'm now tired to fill bugs report for nothing.

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  • This is a great program, does file transfers and more quite well - except for one crucial thing. There is no way to abort an upload transfer. Once the popup dialogue appears, and there are hundreds of files it is replacing with the same name, there is no method to abort the transfer and start again. The popup dialog prevents using any of the other buttons in the program while it is taking the dominant focus over the program. There are many reasons to abort an upload, this is why it is so important for FTP transfers to have that option on uploads & downloads, to abort the transfer and shut the transfer down without closing the entire program. This means the abort option has to be in the popup that appears warning of the same file. When the developer provides the abort option, then it is worthy of 5 stars.

  • Filezilla is fast and secure for ftp transfers across server and computer. I liked it a lot

  • ขอทดลองใช้ก่อนครับแต่ดูแล้วคงจะดีต่อทุกคนครับ

  • Recursive FTP SUCKS big time. It just continues transferring files endlessly. The UI is getting crappier everyday.

  • The best FTP tool that I have seen. Intuitive and easy to use. Great job.

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  • Excellent most reliable FTP app I've used just the design could be improved a little. Thanks for your hard work! ♥ 🌠

  • By far the best FTP client. Support is community-driven on the forums and can get annoying to work with.

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  • The best FTP client in the world. Free, powerful and popular. Meaning many updates. I've used multiple FTP, some i've liked, some not - but sticking with FileZilla is just the easiest thing. We can always be mad, when there are some features we want or others have, that we don't have or can't have, but we good.

  • Amazing.. If you want more detail about it please contact me at .. we are the best spa in London.

  • The king of all file sharing software.

  • Great FTP manager indeed! love it so much, fast & secure and reliable!

  • Filezilla is very handy multi-platform file transfer tool.

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  • Generally a good product. But I am annoyed that FTP is wiped out by the existence of this product. Yes it is a fairly trouble free . Which is good! But why is there no 'download To' button which lets me pick a directory?. Instead, I required to paste some long complex pathname into a short text box to tell you where I want the file. Developers; You have done a good job. Thanks. I'm glad you spent your personal time to benefit me and others. I really do understand. You guys are great! But, sheesh! The most obvious interface is missing? Don't you actually USE the product you built? I make a source forge project myself. I have only 18 users who seem to repeatedly download it with new release. So I KNOW this is a great product because of the huge number of downloads. But why I am forced to complain about something so obvious? I know you developers worked hard on this. And I DO appreciate it. Thank you!

  • The later version is not working. It keeps saying failed to retrieve directory listing.. So I came back to version 3.7.3... it is flawless..

  • Filezilla Last Version that will work with Windows XP (32bit). Filezilla v3.9.0.1 Other file that you may also need... You will need this file which Filezilla hasn't mentioned that you will also need. Normaliz.dll v6.0.5441.0 (or other version that works with XP 32bit) Place it in Filezilla folder run FileZilla and it should run without problem. Download from a dll files site example maybe dll-files or other such place do an on-line virus check of the file before using it. -- Oh heck another dumb site ok rate zero because no longer developed for XP where it could easily be still developed for XP. Filezilla took Microsoft advice instead of using there brains. Of course Microsoft would advice to stop support for XP since it affect sales of all there newer OS's. So many because they cannot seem to make XP again. Microsoft may now know they should have kept with the XP Theme, Icons and the Exact folder structure including hiding all the desktop and folder .ini files. Sure they could have changed only a lot of other sub OS code instead to make XP better than any newer OS they have done. To late Microsoft now may fear. To late to go back and do it correctly. So people use XP still or have a newer OS running XP (in Virtual Mode) or are booting from XP using an image file using Virtual XP mode. Microsoft has lost it way and very likely it is without Bill Gates that they are so lost without him !

  • good utility for FTP access

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