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  • great tool

  • Great Product. I love it. also my product compatible with Fire fox. Jason.

  • FileZilla is the only FTP client software I use. I have used it to upload custom sites and stock wordpress themes. It never causes me any problems at work or at home and i can't imagine using anything else. It works fast, is always updated and has great file explorer system.

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  • Fillezilla contains no viruses or malware. These are only some of the downloaders from sourceforge mirror servers that contain viruses and malware. To bypass these downloader: ==> Direct Download Link: On If the download file is FileZilla_3.14.0_win32-setup.exe ou FileZilla_3.14.0_win64-setup.exe with red FZ icon of FileZilla, this is a good file obtained with the direct link and is clean. By against, if you download a file named FileZilla_3.exe with SF icon, it is a downloader and it may be infected

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  • The green 'Download' links on Sourceforge are generally 'installer' or 'download manager' programs that contain malware. FileZilla is a good program that uses an installer that is free of malware. I am not associated with the developer of FileZilla (Tim Kosse) but I am compelled to lay the credit for malware payloads squarely on sourceforge. They are making money from these slugs that provide the 'download managers'. This is a bad business model that others have tried to incorporate and failed, as they should. Sourceforge, please mark these 'download managers' clearly with a description of what they are. Please do not allow them to hide behind your name. It is a bad choice to continue this practice.

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  • FileZilla is one of the best designed FTP clients I've ever used (and I've used them all). I also know many people who use it on a daily basis that say the same thing. Keep up the good work!

  • FileZilla is certainly one of the best FTP/SFTP clients around, and the best thing about it - it's free and open source. I have had no problems downloading/uploading files over plain FTP, or over SFTP, both to local and remote locations, and it certainly beats traditional command line FTP clients for downloading directories (except lftp with its mirror command). To those who complain about malware being bundled with FileZilla, I can ensure you that the real FileZilla installer and FileZilla itself do NOT contain any malware or crapware. When downloading make sure you either press the "Direct Download" button under the Download button on the main project page, or press the "Direct Download Link: Off" button in the Files section so you get the real installer and not the Installer Enabled version (after clicking, it should say "Direct Download Link: On". Certainly recommended for file transfer on Windows, and Linux if you own a VPS or dedicated server!

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  • My favorite FTP client by far.

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