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  • Generally a good product. But I am annoyed that FTP is wiped out by the existence of this product. Yes it is a fairly trouble free . Which is good! But why is there no 'download To' button which lets me pick a directory?. Instead, I required to paste some long complex pathname into a short text box to tell you where I want the file. Developers; You have done a good job. Thanks. I'm glad you spent your personal time to benefit me and others. I really do understand. You guys are great! But, sheesh! The most obvious interface is missing? Don't you actually USE the product you built? I make a source forge project myself. I have only 18 users who seem to repeatedly download it with new release. So I KNOW this is a great product because of the huge number of downloads. But why I am forced to complain about something so obvious? I know you developers worked hard on this. And I DO appreciate it. Thank you!

  • I have been using this for years, and it works great. One nit I have with it, is that the interface has a hard time keeping up with the internet speeds these days. It paused while loading a large number of files, and the UI doesn't do well on Gb connections. 1. Lags behind with 0 simultaneous file transfers on 1GB network. 2. Not responsive when the queue is processing and it's still loading files into the queue ***Note*** even though the UI is not responsive, under the covers the file transfers are still going. Windows 7 on SSD i7 laptop

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  • I use FIlezilla on my website, and i like it so much, great work my website:

  • A trusted Vender and excellent Ftp Client .

  • Cool can't wait to get started

  • Cool can't wait to get started

  • I need to apologize for my previous bad review saying that I was seeing malware or adware in my remote site after installing Filezilla. Some file called "trellix". I found out that after the last Filezilla upgrade, I was seeing a file on my remote site that was previously hidden. It turned out to be a site addon that I had checked out years ago and it left an empty folder in my files. A folder not visible when I use my host's site manager but visible in the archive area of my site. Make sure you always go to the official site to update Filezilla. There are many sites offering it that may add things to the install. The official Filezilla site does say there may be bundled offers but you can opt out and the clean install option is available. This is the official site: This is still a very good program.

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  • 跨平台,很好用!

  • Good job guys!

  • I don't believe this was an infected install file. I believe it is a false positive on AVG's part but better to play it safe and wait for it to be cleaned or AVG updates their signatures. Filezilla is really a super FTP engine. Many thanks to the developers.

  • very easy to use and fast. I like it.

  • Life Saver

  • The software is good but sometimes it just freezes specially opening multple FTP connections but great it's a great tool, using the exact version for your Operating System.

  • Daily using! Very good. But it's perfect if allow to config external command compare remote and local file to avoid override others people changes.

  • The FTP client, that's the simplest way to describe it, i consider FilleZilla the flag ship of Mozilla Foundation, a must have for web developers.

  • Good Software

  • Wonderful. Share a website with you , ( ) Believe you will love it. We accept any form of payment.