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  • The wealth of supported hashing algorithms is a blessing. But its user interface is certainly its weak spot. It does not support verifying against a manually hash. Phrases like "actual hash value" and "valid hash value" are confusing to no end. (Which one is the calculated hash value and which one is the presumed/given value?)

  • Works great, did what I needed it to. I was looking everywhere for a program that would do batch operations and automatically verify each file against a file of the same name with '.md5' added to the end. I finally found this one, which can do that through the command line utility, and it also goes through subdirectories recursively, so I was able to verify 40-odd files in 6 directories all in one go. Thanks!

  • Fileverifier is great! Thanks.

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  • good file verify and comparison, and bad for lack of maintenance, I recently got bad block on one of my mirror base backup, which over 2T and 1,000,000 files so I took a shot trying to find out which file have been affected by bad blocks that filesystem won't tell me, after few run, it crashed if encounter too many locked file, after I get rid of antivirus software that lock file, it failed to save result even after a successful execution, I have already tried both 32/64 bits version, so, it's buggy if you wanna do it under a larger scale,

  • Beware ! Version can be destructive ! All is excellent in the work of this application but... at the end when opening the "save" dialog to keep the result for one file, generally we use the combo box to match the filename... and if you don't remove the extension characters remaining at the end of the filename... Fileverifier will overwrite YOUR file !!! And without any confirmation dialog !!! So the application destroy your file (which can be very big or very important for example with video file or with professional file) and replace it definitely... by its result file ! And there is no way to get it back even with recovery applications because the disk sectors are the same. So then... this application works excellent to compute the hash codes but I'll don't use it until this critical point is solved ! Be very, very, very, VERY aware about this point for the safe of your important files !

  • The 32-bit and the 64-bit versions both work great.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Works fine for me. I'm using Win7 64 bit, but this version works fine. It is a few clicks to copy the checksum to the clipboard, but it works great. Thanks for your work!

  • Nice work.

  • There is not a way to copy a hash to the clipboard. At least not in an easy way in windows version. Seems quite useful nonetheless.

  • Very useful program. Nice if I can exclude directories

  • no x64 binaries

  • Great program! Very clean interface.