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  • I honeslty assume this program the perfect app I at all times tried! => have a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • I Really consider this app one of the best program I ever used! => consider having a look at this site for Free keys :

  • Like others have stated, this used to be the best application of this type out there, unfortunately, nags and exclusivity took over. Not everyone gets the M$ $tore to download it.

  • Good application about a year ago, now it's a money grabbing, nag serving platform. Unfortunately the author removed portable edition, switched from free/donation to 20$, made it Microsoft store exclusive etc. This is an example of how to ruin your applications. I would give zero star rating if it was possible.

  • I think that reminder donations is cheeky and really annoying! Especially when you are support and donated twice this project! Do you have any manners?

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  • Saves me so much time organizing my TV show files. Bravo. One suggestion to the UI developer, however... please adjust the modality of the update dialog. When I open the program, it takes a few moments for the update dialog to show up - it interrupts my dragging files into the interface. It's a small annoyance- I often don't want to update the program at a given time. Better yet, make the program update alert a bit less intrusive - perhaps a menu option?

  • This application is excellent, but I'm sick to death of the pop-up asking for further donations. I have already donated and am not happy about being harassed over and over for more money. Stop it!

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  • An OK program but often doesn't start, just a white empty frame. Now they want 20.00 for it in the Windows Store. Definitely not worth it.

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  • I used to love this application. It's still useful,but very irritating to use. Starting a couple versions ago, it was put in the Windows and Apple App Stores, so not free anymore. It can still be downloaded from Sourceforge, but now with version 4.7.9, it shows a nag screen when it's shut down. I wouldn't have upgraded from 4.7.8, but that version showed an update message every time the program started. Very irritating, so if that was what you were aiming for, good job.

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  • Great product hard to imagine better except for one thing. Hate, absolutely Hate the windows app. Always go to source forge and find the download for x64 windows. I hate windows apps, far too limiting often installs x86 without your permission. Let me say again I HATE WINDOWS APPS !!! BTW: I also use Directory Opus with filebot, it rocks.

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  • Ok, so I've used Filebot a lot in the past and have just purchased it. But it's installed as an App which means I have no access to it through my file manager "Directory Opus" I use this to select say 40 files then click on a button I've called remove film year, which filebot does, then I get the film info, then I add the film year using another self configured button which then adds the year, I also add serial and episode numbers to tv shows. But now that it's an App I cannot use Opus anymore to connect to it which makes for a bit of a clunky experiance.

  • Excellent tool, completely reliable and highly customisable.

  • May or may not work. Documentation is horrible to non-existent: obviously produced by an amateur. Movies (especially very fast ones with very poor explanations) are no substitute for proper documentation. No "Help" option, no in-program documentation, no "Undo" option: once you rename something, you're stuck with the result. If I really hate someone, I will recommend this program - it has the power to cause them days of headaches. (I have not really used this program so my ratings are just based on my frustration with trying to figure out this software - it looks like it MAY be quite useful if someone would document it properly)

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  • This is the best renaming tool out there an I have tried several. Would love to see an update option to check for program updates automatically.

  • Hangs during installation process (Win10 64bit). Process which tries to uninstall previous version (non was installed) hangs. Killed WMI.exe. Then installation proceeds and finish. Program works great. Auto tag and other features are exactly what I need.

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  • just used it for the first time, so far so good, does exactly what i had hoped. would be great if it could also re-date files to release date of movie/episode. also be great to have source & destination folders set

  • 这个应用对于我来说非常实用,我是一个不善于管理文件的人,所以每次整理或者寻找文件特别头疼,这个应用对于我从网上下载的命名很奇葩的文件管理,简直奇效!

  • LOVE Filebot.

  • timesaver

  • That's a great application, almost perfect! It would be fantastic if it could download the cover art images as well.

  • FileBot in a nutshell is one of the easiest Multimedia (ie: TV Shows, Movies, etc.) aggregator, subtitle downloader, and file renamer out there, and the fact that it is open source opens up endless possibilities of customizations and mods.

  • Simply sublime. Eased my video files archivation and subtitle seeking.

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