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  • Genial with Linux Mint 17 and python-wxgtk2.8. Unfortunately it doesn't work whith Linux Mint 18. Is it still developped?

  • Easy to use, compatible with all windows version, small size, undo function support.

  • definitely not working under OSX

  • It only appears to be missing one thing - you can replace/remove X characters starting at position Y, which is great where Y is known (i.e. 1 for the beginning of the object), but what about the END ?? I have a number of variable-length folder names with a ' - yyyy' appended to the end (7 characters) - I can see no way of stripping that without knowing the length of the string and working backwards. (BTW, I'm using the LINUX version !!)

  • Seems to be great, but Recursive selection doesn't seem to work for folders. My folder replacement list is empty in the bottom when it shouldn't. (Without "Recursive" checked there are many subfolders seen with the same replacement)

  • The interface is very friendly. Bravo

  • Very practical and complete renaming tool. Among many many other tools, with this pearl, I am able to rename anything I may need. Sure, it still need some fine tuning. Unfortunately I have no clue about python... Maybe anyone could help on this nice project!?

  • Very sophisticated, but job is done so I am happy!

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  • Worked for what I needed (Win8 x64), renaming just part of the files inside a folder, adding zeroes before the number, easy preview. It's a bit complicated at first look, lots of options. But it's usually better to have extra options, then lack...

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  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

  • This program is very useful! Definetly recommended!

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  • Extremely powerful tool - I use it regularly for all sorts of things. Love the EXIF functionality to batch rename images according to when they were taken.

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  • Thanks! Excellent app.

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  • Found the GUI to be anything but intuitive, and there's some basic renaming functionality lacking like the replacing function to include the option of first match only (so important).

  • Been using this for quite some time, both on Windows and Linux boxes. Easy to use, powerful with its regexes, a real ++

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  • I've renamed over a million files and folders using this tool. You can easily do thing with this that you cannot with others. Producing a script of changes to be made is so easy, so not just one change at once. A God send...

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  • Very useful for portable media players

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  • Downloaded fine but didn't install, it says missing .dll file and .exe file... so what is in the installation package? It's just a problem of admin privileges!!! Must be installed as admin, and in the installation process it doesn't ask for!!

  • Renamed a slew of photos on a Windows Vista box in minutes after install. Thanks for this useful software!

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