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  • This is the best video tool you can find. It is only command line tool, but options are unlimited. I use it regularly and there is not a task that this tool can't do! Resize video, flip it, extract pictures, add it to your project (just get dll or exe), extract metadata (yes, it supports JSON output). You name it, it will do it. Of course, it's not for beginners, but for those not afraid of command line, it's perfect. I even find a GUI tool that supports manually editing ffmpeg commands (VCT). Best video conversion GUIs use ffmpeg as backend or as a wrapper. There is plenty of support at forum, web, etc. so solving of any task is matter of web search. Pay attention, there is no compiled exe at SF. If you don't know how or don't want to compile the source, search the web for compiled builds like zeranoe.

  • FFmpeg is Super -- blazingly fast. But you many need a front end GUI if you're not a tech-head. One guy said "work it from the command line." This technique is as user-friendly to lay folks as "noncommutative algebraic geometry." It's also like saying one prefers an abacus over a calculator. Anyway, I got my front-end as a Firefox browser addon and it is GREAT with simple drag 'n' drop and settings. Links aren't allowed here, but go to Firefox Addons and search for ... "Media Converter and Muxer". Be sure to read the page because you have to get ffmpeg.exe and the page tells you how. Without this addon, I rate FFmpeg Ease-of-Use as (1) Poor (or even impossible). But with the front-end Firefox MUXER addon, I rate Ease as (5) Excellent.

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  • Awesome product, thanks for sharing!

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  • ffmpeg simple the best. great and fast convert of videos. thanks

  • excellent tool

  • great work thanks

  • Superb job, thanks for your time for discussing

  • Easy to update apps that use ffmpeg.exe, just copy the exe. Don't pay for a gui front end for ffmpeg, when you may learn to use it from the command line for free. ffmpeg may hang when trying to convert some recorded live streams of cam girls.

  • very useful

  • this software is difficult to figure out. Even their official web site is confusing.

  • very nice

  • Finally, a program that can convert from wma directly to mp3.

  • Cool project. Downloaded files from:

  • No builds, exes, dlls etc.

  • Great project, but where can I get the install files?