FFmpeg GUI is a very neat application that converts virtually any video format to any other. It uses the powerful and reliable ffmpeg program as a backend, and comes preloaded with tons of presets, including rockbox and Ipods/Iphones.


  • video conversion
  • ipod presets
  • rockbox presets
  • ffmpeg gui
  • convert any to any

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User Reviews

  • Small download (not bundling some old ffmpeg version like many others), nice clean UI, plenty of presets. What it's missing is option to split video files (without re-encoding). If splitting was added to it I'd say it's the best GUI for ffmpeg.

  • A typical Sourceforge project in that after the initial release it is abandoned for years. After 5 years this program needs to be updated to support .NET 4. We can't keep putting every version of .NET on our PCs to support programs that ought to have been updated by their developers.

  • Might be useful for simple video format conversions but doesn't give users the full power of ffmpeg, as for example converting a bunch of image files to a video, changing the frame rate etc.

  • It destroys the original file if converting failed.

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