A backend to aggregate many rss or atom news feeds into one, your own feed.

You now subscribe to feeds not in your graphical feed reader client but in the feedproxy database. Feedproxy then fetches the feeds periodically and stores the news into it's database in the background. You just have to subscribe to a single one feed provided by feedproxy to get the previously stored news in your regular feed reader. It's transparent.

Helps the problem of reading the same news again and again on many computers you use - as those clients work individually, every news is new to them. Feedproxy remembers you've already read one and wont send it to you again.

Also useful when you go on vacation, as the proxy automatically fetches the content into database without the need to run a graphical client.

It's like a Google Reader alternative without the Evil.

Supports Amazon Kindle, can send the referred article contents with images automatically as a book via Kindle-It.


  • Intended Audience: Advanced End Users
  • requires an always online server with php, curl, pear, mysql, httpd
  • fetch frequency set individually by watched feeds
  • supports multiple user accounts
  • (optional) marks news read when your client showed the news to you
  • (optional) marks news visited when you opened the news link in your client
  • send news to your Kindle - automatic, not only summary, full article with images
  • pseudo-feeds: a watched feed with a bogus url, so you can insert entries directly into the database (like email notifications)
  • you can filter contents of any feed by defining rules (using php)
  • can fix broken feeds you couldnt subscribe to in most readers
  • tweaked to fix bugs in some broken feed readers like Opera browser
  • includes an example how to parse a html webpage into a feed
  • stable code

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Additional Project Details

Intended Audience

Advanced End Users

User Interface

Non-interactive (Daemon)

Programming Language

Unix Shell, PHP

Database Environment