FastPhotoTagger tries to be the fastest way to set the metadata in your photos. Add, change, delete, and search the metadata fields of your choice. FastPhotoTagger excels when you have lots of files and lots of metadata.

With FastPhotoTagger, you can
- Set multiple images to have the same tag values
- Set individual images to have unique tag values
- Display all the metadata in an image
- Compare and edit all the metadata in several images
- Choose the metadata fields to work with: EXIF, XMP, IPTC, etc.
- Define hierarchical keywords
- View images and slideshows that display tag values as captions
- Create and search a metadata database

FastPhotoTagger has versions for PC and Android.

FastPhotoTagger uses ExifTool to read & write metadata, HyperSQL to manage its database, and dcraw to display DNG & RAW images.


  • Set metadata in seconds using abbreviations for frequently used tag values.
  • Use keyword list files and checkbox entry.
  • Write metadata tags to any file type supported by ExifTool.
  • Write non-English metadata in UTF-8 format.
  • Display images from JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, DNG, RAW, and many TIFF file types.
  • Search metadata with an easy to use visual interface.
  • Quick-Start user guide.
  • English, French, German, Polish, Dutch, and Greek user interfaces.

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User Reviews

  • I struggled a bit to get FastPhotoTagger to do what I needed, but that was due partly to my having unknowingly installed the wrong version of exiftool and partly to my not setting up FastPhotoTagger correctly. (If your exiftool download unzips into a mutli-file, multi-directory structure you've got the wrong one.) However, after a good deal of personal help from FastPhotoTagger's author, Dennis Damico, I have both doing exactly what I wanted, which was to edit a slightly obscure exif tag that no other product, including Lightroom, Photoshop, and IrfanView, could touch. After all that I'm very happy to give Dennis a considerably higher rating than my original two stars. [original review for context] I'm somewhat dismayed. I installed the program and pointed it to exiftool, which is in a subdirectory in my C: root directory. It runs and opens, but will not display any images. I suspect that this may be because exiftool is a Perl program but Tagger is in Java. However, I'm very far from expert in this. I'd be grateful for any help, because Tagger seems to have the functionality I need, other exif editors have not been satisfactory, and I really don't want to have to use command-line syntax unless there is absolutely no other option.

  • This Tool is absolutely great! I can subscribe to the comments of canyon666 and thivi54. Unlike other MetaData editing software and databases FastPhotoTagger leaves your files where they are resp. where you want them to be on your hard disk. Nonetheless you can search your files by sophisticated combined search and filter queries. And it is quick! Thank you for this peace of software! For those who are interested: I opened two Posts in the WordPress support forum, in wich I describe how I use FastPhotoTagger in combination with two plugins. Just enter "How to use exif_read_data and ALL_IPTC" and "Watermarking deletes EXIF, IPTC and XMP MetaData" as search string in the support forum.

  • This is an excellent application. I've played with lots of other metadata tagging applications and they all disappointed me as they do not let me put my metadata where I want to. FastPhotoTagger is the first one I've found that lets me manage my metadata as I want. The fact that it is a GUI for exiftool means that it inherently handles metadata reliably and 'correctly'. The combination of ease of use and configurability make it a 'killer app' for anyone like me who wants to add metadata to their photos without having to constantly wrestle with exiftool.

  • Genial! I was searching for this kind of tool for a while, but none of the hundreds I've tried was Ok, except FastPhotoTagger !!!

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French, Dutch, Polish, Greek, German

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End Users/Desktop

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Java Swing, TabletPC, Handheld/Mobile/PDA

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