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Family Connections 3.2.2 Installation ------------ 1. Upload the familyconnections/ directory in to your web host. 2. Run the online installation script by visiting your website. 3. It is recommended that you delete the install.php file after installation. Upgrading from 2.6+ to 3.2.2 --------------------------- ** DO NOT DELETE THE FOLLOWING FILE ** inc/config_inc.php ** DO NOT TOUCH ANY FILES IN THE FOLLOWING DIRECTORIES ** uploads/avatar/ uploads/documents/ uploads/photos/memberX/ uploads/upimages/ 1. It is recommended that you backup your entire site, including your MySQL database before upgrading. 2. Login as the administrator, visit the upgrade section, and run the automatic upgrade. 3. Delete the install.php file from your web host (if it still exists). Change Log ---------- 3.2.2 #350 - Viewing sent PM fails with PHP error #351 - Family New scheduler not working #353 - Italian is displayed as "it_IT" in language list on the login page Translations #346 - Gallery images missing if uploads directory is secured Photo Gallery #347 - Display Birthday Event not calculating age Calendar #348 - Images not displayed after upload. Photo Gallery #349 - Notifications not displayed Notifications #345 - Undefined index: maiden - Family Tree add new member Family Tree For the full change log please refer to the included ChangeLog file. License ------- This software uses the The GNU General Public License (GPL), please refer to the full license description in the LICENSE file.
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