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Terminates a RDP/ICA session - using WTS-API. www.doctor-citrix.com *** ACTION *** [--logoff|-l] Terminate session matching filter. [[--kill|-k]:myprocess.exe] Kill specified process. [[--message|-m]:"the message to display"] Send message to matching filter. You can use all action at the same time. Execution order: Message -> TimeOut -> Kill -> LogOff *** CONFIG *** [--debug|-d] start in debug mode. Does nothing except report. [[--server|-s]:server name] The server to be queried (default is current). [[--timeout|-t]:20] Message timeout before kill/logoff, by default 20 second. [[--title|-mt]:message title] The message box title (default is action). [[--icon|-mi]:message icon] The message box icon (default is Exclamation). message icon:[Error|Question|Exclamation|Information] *** FILTER *** [--all|-a] close all session except his own. Disable all other filter. [[--process|-p]:myprocess.exe] close all session hosting a process name. [[--username|-u]:sAMAcountName] Close session by user name. [[--sessionid|-i]:session id] Close one session by it sesssion id. [--disconnected|-di] Close all disconected session. ezlogoff -s:myserver -p:notepad.exe -di --username:bill Logoff all disconnected bill's session on myserver with notepad started.
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