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ALL-In-One Audio pack for Exult ------------------------------- This all-in-one audio pack for Exult features the Soundblaster SFX pack, the Roland MT-32 SFX pack and the Digital Music pack. The Soundblaster SFX pack was recorded and contributed by Joseph Morris. The Roland MT-32 SFX pack and the Digital Music pack were recorded and contributed by Simon Quinn. This all-in-one pack is intended to consolidate the various packs into a big one to make setting up Exult easier. INSTALLATION ------------ Extract the files of into your Exult data folder: - on Windows the data folder is normally in the folder where you installed Exult to (e.g. C:\Program Files\Exult\data) - Exult always looks in /Library/Application Support/Exult/data on OS X - on *nix based systems /usr/local/share/exult is used by default Exult will now find the files automatically and you can choose the sfx packs and enable digital music in the audio setup. THANKS ------ Thanks to Joseph Morris and Simon Quinn for their work on these packs.
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