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  • Thanks a lot for extundelete! I accidentally deleted a directory on an ext4 formatted EBS volume that had around 2 weeks of my work in it. Thanks to extundelete I was able to recover the deleted files back. If you guys had a donation option, I would happily donate to express my gratitude for what you did for me! Keep up the great work!

  • What an excellent little tool! While PhotoRec will only give you cryptic file names you have to rename later (provided you can even *remember* them still), this one will keep the ORIGINAL file names! extundelete was a true life-saver when I intended to rm -rf the temporary (!) directory, but accidentally specified the target directory instead!! Keep up the great work. This should be part of the base system, like e2fsck and others.

  • Thank you so much!!! I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and I have installed extundelete version 0.2.4 libext2fs version 1.42, and it worked perfectly for me. I was having issue: "extundelete: No such file or directory while creating directory" while I was trying to use "-o" output directory option, I guess some permission problem while running from Ubuntu Live CD. When I ran without that option it worked perfectly! Thank you!!!

  • Awesome little tool! Trivial to build and install, and saved the day after an 'rm -rf' of the wrong directory. Did not have to unmount the partition (which would have been a problem, because it's LUKS-encrypted), just remounted it read-only and recovered my files with no hassles.

  • Quickly recovered many of the specified files. (Not all, maybe because it was a root partition that required Linux to shut down first before unmounting). Very grateful as this saved me a lot of time. Restore directory (even if you only want the contents) was immensely useful since there were too many names that were too long to remember. Even if you don't have the exact name, it will suggest some (presumably based on the partition's journal). Website provides enough detail to generate the date in the format required by --before and --after. If ./configure succeeded but compilation results in an error, rerun ./configure.

  • I make it in Redhat-ex-4u4 It tell me make -s all-recursive Making all in src warning: unused parameter ‘ret_flags’ warning: unused parameter ‘flags’ block.c: In function ‘extundelete_block_iterate3’: block.c:840: warning: label ‘errout’ defined but not used block.c:620: warning: unused variable ‘r’ and i can not make it. I need your help

  • Easy to use and works really well. I was able to recover all of the files I needed in the location they were stored. Overall, a really great tool to have handy for a storage system. Thanks for the awesome work!

  • I was able to recover all data! I had a lot of trouble getting it running. The "-o directory" options seems to be bugged. extundelete version 0.2.4 libext2fs version 1.42 I figured out that I had to go to the directory where i wanted to have the backup and just run "extundelete --restore-all /dev/sdb1".

  • Thanks for Extundelete, it's the best!

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  • Successfully undeleted an irreplaceable photo!

  • Lifesaving!

  • great product

  • Great tool! I restored important photos for me from ext4 (Ubuntu 10.04)

  • this project help lot of people.

  • Worked fantastic. Easy to use, good instructions. And most importantly, it successfully recovered the files I deleted!

  • It works! Successfully recovered data from ext3 partition.

  • thanks for giving out

  • I wish something like this existed 7 years ago. I found this while recovering some files from a fellow's laptop, which mysteriously got deleted during a crash. We've just been implementing an automated backup procedure, and that was the last laptop left to backup. Talk about Murphy in action! Thank you!

  • Just deleted a complete folder from an ext4 file system with a collection of video clips, stuff I recorded from TV, holiday videos and so on... of a rather sentimental value. Was quite frustrating. After I found the website of this tool, I immediately unmounted the partition and installed extundelete with the Kubuntu package manager, and then started the simple command to recover all files on the partition. The rest was just sitting there and see everything coming back, as easy as copying a folder! All files were restored with the complete folder structure, just empty folders were omitted, which is not really a problem I'd say... Thanks to the developer for an extremely useful and very easy to use tool!

  • Confirmed works on EXT3 and EXT4 Very nice, I like!

  • Thanks, THANKS, *THANKS*! You saved me lots of very important data. By the way, I had to downgrade e2fslibs to 1.41.12 because 1.42 didn't work.

  • Another saved-my-but here.... Compiled and running within an hour after the disaster... but just minutes after downloading. (The hour includes the frantic Googling by which I discovered it's existence, and reading through the info pages a couple of times....) This belongs in the Ubuntu package suite, or at least a PPA!

  • I lost of VirtualBox VDI files. Trying to recover them with extundelete seemed to work fine, but all my about 10 GB images ended up at about 1 GB, even though they grew larger during recovery... Version: 0.2.0 OS: Fedora 15, 64 bit FS: Ext4 Disk: Unmounted. I read in the mailing list that this problem has occured before for Peter Husen. He had fixed this by changing som code. I don't have this ability, so I guess I will have to wait for a newer version. Hoping it will not take too long... Ove

  • You saved my nutt sack! Sorry to be so vulgar, but currently running and looking good. Fast and looks like it's getting everything. I moved my gf's data off a failing drive, and onto my drive. My drive had an "accident" and I'm currently undelting files from the move, on the failing drive. Working like a charm. Under ubuntu desktop 11.04. All I had to install was e2fslibs-dev (sudo apt-get install e2fslibs-dev). Really pleased :) Five asterisks, I mean stars *****

  • recevered about all my deleted files, fast.

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