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  • Works great and it's ber

  • Worked perfectly to pull a few directories from an LVM2 volume with an ext4 filesystem. Needed to do it from Windows (I'm running Win10Pro 64) because the copied data was going to a WD Passport encrypted drive for a vendor. Worked perfectly, data was copied and able to be read by the vendor. Thanks for a very useful project!

  • It does its job really well!

  • Excellent tool. After mount a VHD in Windows Server 2008 R2 Disk Management used ext2read to recover files from ext4 ubuntu file system. Thanks and regards from Brazilian friends. TND Brasil - Janderson Mira

  • Good

  • After trying a few different projects, this one really won for me, I was able to backup and transfer my linux 100GB partition's useful data (80GB) onto my computer, sort it and archive

  • very good project, thanks!

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  • Great software, thank you.

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  • There's a serious problem with this in handling large files. I don't know what the limit is - I was looking at recorded TV programmes, multi GB size - but the program truncates them. I was going to pull down the source and try to fix it, but the project managers haven't touched base here for a couple of years, so I think this project is dead. There's another project, ext4explore, which I'm going to try. I don't know if it's any better, but it's alive.

  • it is really a good project. hope you guys can contribute code for gnu pdf rewrite project. by the way, there are some excellent pdf read and annotatation tools on windows , but in Unix/Linux, i haven't find one.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Perfect. Simple, powerful.

  • ext2read, awesome. Must have!

  • Two words: LIGHTNING FAST!

  • Excellent program. Thanks all developers.

  • simply the best open source software.

  • Love it! 10x!

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  • Awesome product, thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent work! Ext2Read works perfectly! Thanks!

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  • Works really well. My only wish is that I might preserve the original date of the file creation. When I use this great program to copy files, all file creation dates are changed to the date when I copy the file. Otherwise, I love this program. Caruso

  • small and efficient and gets the job done.

  • So useful.

  • Great tool for getting data from Linux. It helped me a lot of times!

  • Cool project!

  • Useful utility, thank you guys!

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