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  • IT CORRUPTS PARTITIONS AND USER DATA! DON'T USE THIS CRAP! Don't believe the hype about this software: it's a dangerous piece of crap! BEWARE! This crapware should be listed as virus by AV companies: known for, among many other turn offs, corrupting partitions and user data. Besides, it doesn't support 64 bit systems. Don't use it! Go for an alternative.

  • Very easy setup and works for me since years. Currently with Windows 10 and an ext2 partition on Debian. Thank you for this project!

  • Thank you for corrupting my data. You could have tested it before realising this piece of garbage.

  • This comment refers to v. 0.68 (July 2016, as of August 2017 there's a new version 0.69 but I didn't try it, I just removed 0.68 from my windows after experiencing the problem I describe) , and there is no mention of 0.69 on the project website ext2fsd dot com) *DO NOT USE THIS* if you have a recent linux distro. e.g.: Ubuntu >= 16.04 Debian >= 9.0 It will corrupt the linux partition superblock, so you'll need to fix it (e2fsck) to be able to boot it again. The reason is explained on the Askubuntu site, look for this (URLs are prohibited...): how-can-i-prevent-windows-10-from-corrupting-the-ext4-superblock-every-time

  • must have tool

  • -

  • *** BUYER BEWARE *** (i know the tool is free) Both the .68 and .69 versions are over reporting file counts and showing extra files in some folders but they do not exist. The file sync and copy tools are throwing errors because they cannot find the files. (One of my folders used numbers of files in the name, but the files in it were more than that) using the driver these files with legitimate names are showing up. Could they be deleted files/? i do not know. But I find the the driver to be UNSAFE for backing up linux media. Took me 32 hours to test via VMs.

  • Works perfectly for me. I use on: - Windows 10 x64 Home Single Language - Windows 10 x64 Pro

  • Works flawlessly. I needed to format an external drive formatted with Ext2. I tried a couple of other programs that fell just short. This saved me a lot of time and effort. Thank you.

  • Great for accessing your Linux partitions from with in Windows 7 x86_64. Installs and just works in minutes.

  • Do not work for UEFI Partions OS 64 bits

  • Very Good, thanks

  • Does not work on Windows 7 x64. When trying to Change the settings of the Linux partition to assign a drive letter and mount it, it says the service is not started, although it is, and nothing happens. After a reboot, the drive letter is assigned, but with a question mark and still not accessible.. Have uninstalled this stante pede.

  • After installing, program dit not respond but used a lot of system resources, failed to read any ext partition. Rebooted twice, same problems. After uninstalling, computer would not shut down (no problems before). Switched it off manually. Rebooted, performed a system restore: computer crashed; this program is like a virus. Had to do a full system repair to get my computer booting again. Total fail. Beware!

  • essential tool for bridging windows and linux ext file systems

  • Crashy crashy crashcrash. Installed the driver, plugged in a ext2 file system device, and tadaa, system dead. Reboot. I'll let the event log speak: "The device G:\ (location (unknown)) is offline due to a user-mode driver crash. Windows will attempt to restart the device 5 more times. Please contact the device manufacturer for more information about this problem." It's a 32 bit driver too - very up to date, you see. Now to the rating: Ease: Good = Easily crash your system. Features: 1 = There is a single feature, it crashes your system. Design: Poor = No error message is displayed. Your system just freezes. Support: Poor = No help anywhere, just an uninstall program. Which also freezes until I reboot the system.

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  • The ext2fsd's window will not show up on Windows 10, so it's impossible to use this program. I opened the issue for this problem.

  • This is what I want! Smooth and Simple! Loved it :D

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  • Works as intended. very smooth and very easy to use and does the job seamless in the background

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  • Excellent piece of software. V0.66 perfect.

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  • Simply the best solution for using your ext drives in Windows. The latest release works perfectly Windows 10.

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  • The splash after initial startup hung around for a while and I worried that it was failing based on some other comments but I just had to wait. I like the improvements that have been made on this program since I last used it: automatic startup and mounting settings within the program itself make it more convenient-feeling for me. Good job devs :) Thank you very much.

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  • Seems to work. However, I didn't test it very well, yet.

  • Please note that the splash remains on screen, at least under win10, and makes Ext2File useless on 10 inch screen that several new note books offer. I cannot rate the application because I was unable to use it on an hp 2 in 1 with 10.1 screen.

  • Works perfect on Windows 10 :)

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