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Download the .js file to your desktop and double-click it. That's it. This program prevents the Ask Toolbar and other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) from being installed during future Java installs. It does not uninstall the Ask Toolbar (see below for that) but configures Java so that when a Java install is run in the future, it will not install the Ask Toolbar or other PUPs. I have updated the script on Oct 25, 2013 so that it works correctly on Windows XP. Before this update, it was failing on Windows XP because it tried to automatically elevate permissions to Administrator. Administrator permissions are needed for Vista and above but not Windows XP and the code to do the elevation does not work on Windows XP. So, this code is now bypassed when the script is run on Windows XP. If you already have the Ask Toolbar installed, it can be removed with AdwCleaner: http://download.cnet.com/AdwCleaner/3000-7786_4-75851221.html. Click on "Direct Download Link" underneath the "Download Now" button. The version of AdwCleaner on CNET does not install additional Potentially Unwanted Progams (PUPs) like some other download locations for AdwCleaner. It is quite ironic that a PUP clearer would include PUPs. But, the CNET version does not do this so you're OK if you use the link above.
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