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Excelsi-R User-level Changelog ----------------------------------------------------------------- v0.8 March 8, 2016 Fixed Unicode support, so Excelsi-R should now work with multiple languages. This requires that the Rserve server be configured to encode in UTF-8 (this can be specified via Rserve command line or configuration file). Included the lookup2d utility function, which had been omitted accidentally before. ----------------------------------------------------------------- v0.7 April 30, 2015 Fixed a crash that would happen if you tried to bring an empty string ("") from Excel into R. Excelsi-R add-in will now preserve cell formatting when a range output varies in size between runs. Previously the formatting would be cleared for the new cells required. Companion R package ExcelsiR now allows graphs to be explicitly sized (both in inches and dpi). Companion R package ExcelsiR includes a CharStr function to inspect objects of an arbitrary type ----------------------------------------------------------------- v0.6 November 11, 2014 This is a large new update to Excelsi-R. The project's direction has changed---the focus is now on running Excelsi-R through program blocks and not on using the Rassign() and Reval() functions inside Excel cells. There have been a number of features added to support this use and improve the user interface. However, the auto-resizing functionality has been removed. ------------------------------------------------------------------ v0.5.1 October 7, 2013 Fixed a bug the "Copy as R Code" feature could have when the selected region could include empty cells. ------------------------------------------------------------------ v0.5 April 13, 2013 Added button to copy Excel cells as R code. Made some preliminary efforts to standardize moving data using the three different methods. ------------------------------------------------------------------ v0.4 November 24, 2012 Added graphics functionality---it is now possible to embed an R graph into an Excel spreadsheet, and have the R graph get automatically recalculated as the Excel data changes. The Excelsi-R add-in now comes with an ExcelsiR R package that you can install on the R side. A function called ExcelsiRGraph exported by that package is necessary to export graphs. The package also includes functions that you can run from an interactive R session to move data to and from the clipboard or Excel. ------------------------------------------------------------------ v0.3 November 11, 2012 Added auto-resize functionality! Now when you run reval() in a cell, that formula will be automatically resized to match the size of the returned array. Because R is so vector oriented, I hope this will make Excelsi-R much more efficient to use. Ported Excelsi-R to compile using Visual Studio instead of GCC, for better binary compatibility with Excel. ------------------------------------------------------------------ v0.2 April 18, 2012 excelsir.dll is now statically linked with some base libraries. If you got a "File not Found" problem with the previous version this should fix it. EReval and ERassign renamed to Reval and Rassign. ------------------------------------------------------------------ v0.1 April 14, 2012 Added remote operation dialog: you can point Excelsi-R to Rserve running on a remote computer. Evaluated data frames with character rownames are now displayed. You can assign a dataframe with rownames by putting them in the (rownames) column. R factor objects are now supported and automatically converted to characters. Before they would just be displayed as integers. Improved NA handling. R NA's should come through now as Excel #N/A! errors and vice-versa. Assorted cleanups in installer and add-in ------------------------------------------------------------------ v0.0 April 2, 2012 First version, everything's new!
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