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"There are two types of users: those who backup, and those who WILL..." EVACopy ~~~~~~~~ by Or Ben Shabat EVACopy - stands for EVACuate and Copy - is a backup program that has versioning and easy restoration in mind. hosted by sourceforge at: the downloadable archive includes: PROGRAM FILES EVACopy.exe the main program executable EVAConfig.exe a GUI configuration utility EVAConfBase.exe a GUI basic setup utility LaRVe.exe a GUI restore tool MIAfind.exe a tracing tool for the main log ADDITIONAL TOOL OLBreak.exe Outlook PREP phase TLPD.exe Too Long Paths Detector OCUMENTATION ReadMe.txt 'read me' file (this file) EVACopy-QuickStart.PDF Quick Start Guide EVACopy-Manual.PDF Users Manual EVACopy-Changelog.PDF Change Log language files and source codes are available at the web site. Examples of using EVACopy: evacopy.exe does what "evacopy.ini" says. it specified source and destination paths, as well as other options evacopy.exe c:\MyFiles f:\backup\MyFiles uses the specified paths for source and destination, other options are set by "evacopy.ini" evacopy.exe "c:\My Files" "f:\backup\My Files" same as above, using long file names evacopy.exe my-settings.ini does what "my-settings.ini" says. if "my-settings.ini" is missing, "evacopy.ini" is used. For robustness, if any settings in the settings file are missing or invalid, or if the file itself is missing, default settings apply. Example of how EVACopy works: * The source folder is "C:\User\Docs". The destination folder is "F:\Backup\Docs" * The file "C:\User\Docs\Accounting\Income\January.xls" was backup-up yesterday, and the yesterday copy is "F:\Backup\Docs\Accounting\Income\January.xls" * Today, the file "C:\User\Docs\Accounting\Income\January.xls" was updated. * Today is January 23rd, 2007. The time is 5:10 pm. EVACopy creates the path "F:\Backup\Docs\_EVAC\2007-01-23-17-10". * EVAcopy detects that the file "January.xls" was modified recently, and moves the file: from "F:\Backup\Docs\Accounting\Income", to "F:\Backup\Docs\_EVAC\2007-01-23-17-10\Accounting\Income". * The yesterday copy is now "F:\Backup\Docs\_EVAC\2007-01-23-17-10\Accounting\Income\January.xls". * After the evacuation, the folder "F:\Backup\Docs\Accounting\Income" does not contain any file named "January.xls". * After the evacuation of all modified files was completed, EVACopy copies the updated file: "C:\User\Docs\Accounting\Income\January.xls" To: "F:\Backup\Docs\Accounting\Income\January.xls", resulting in an identical contents of both source and destination folders, plus the earlier version of the file, as: "F:\Backup\Docs\_EVAC\2007-01-23-17-10\Accounting\Income\January.xls" Change Log: v7.2: * performance improvement - noticable when copying large amount of files * bugfix: Configuration Tool considers {all pairs} to exclude System files regardless of actual settings * bugfix: not running when source & destination paths provided as parameters v7.1: * Cleanup versions older then N days v7.0: * EFS select: maintain encryption if possible | do not maintain encryption v6.0.5.54: * LaRVe to notify when no source to compare * minor GUI improvements v6.0.5.53: * New: support for command-line switch to force immediate run and quit v6.0.5.50: * New: support for too long paths (over 256 characters) * New: Integration with WinMergePortable for comparing versions * Windows 2000 support is dropped v6.0.5.49: * Linux/Wine compatibility: User Note dialog is not displayed v6.0.5.41: * Bug fix: name exclusion rule is ignored for full relative paths v6.0.5.37: * GUI fix: "Prompt for User Note" is always checked when launching EVAConfig. * GUI fix: when suspended and settings reloaded, tray icon is not gray. v6.0.5.30: * GUI fix: trap system error messages v6.0.5.28: * Bug fix: (similar to v6.0.5.17) the configuration tool may create blank EVAC condition in a previously untested scenario. v6.0.5.23: * GUI fix: 'about' tool tip reformatted v6.0.5.22: * GUI fix: in Windows 2000 and earlier, drop-down lists (combo boxes) are not displayed properly. * GUI fix: in classic theme, radio text is cut at the end. * selection of settings file by GUI now begins at the program directory, instead of the default "My Documents" folder. v6.0.5.17: * Bug fix: in some cases, the configuration tool may create blank EVAC condition. * Bug fix: in some cases, folders are not evac'd, without any reason. paths substitution disabled. v6.0.5.11: * All executables are no longer compressed with UPX, to avoid false positive virus warnings. * OLBreak updated to v1.4.2 with better support for Exchange mailbox and invalid characters. * Bug fix: in some cases, path substitution is skipped. v6.0: Many new and major features are included in this release: * Upgrade of all executables to enhance EVACopy with PREP support * Specialized PREP for Outlook * Basic setup wizard (EVAConfBase) * Configuration utility (EVAConfig) improvements: [Keep] button removed [Phases] configuration added Removed "Perform Copy" & "Even if Errors on EVAC" (replaced by [Phases]) Main log path integrated into EVACopy.ini Warning when settings can't be saved * (Partial) Support for too long path names * version numbers are integrated into all executables * "Idle Time" no longer must be integer (for example: for half a minute, type 0.5) * Bugfix: in some cases, main log file is created when not in use * Bugfix: in some cases, useless log file may be removed even if set otherwise * Better indication of fails/errors in the main log * EVACopy version is noted in the main log * An additional "About" box details the paths of the progam file, the settings file and the main log v5.2: * Introduced the main log file and the MIAfind tool. * EVAConfig and LaRVe updated, including many little improvements for friendlier interface. * Bug fix: in some cases EVACopy wrongly detects errors in the EVAC phase, and may therefore abort the COPY phase, even when no errors actually occurred. * Bug fix: in some cases when all pairs are set to "Inactive", EVACopy unnecessarily remains resident. * Bug fix: in some cases EVACopy is over-zealous in detecting file changes. * Default settings file is dropped (to prevent overwrite existing file on upgrade). Instead, an example file is introduced ("EVACopy-example.ini"). * Language files are available on the website, enabling user interface in Italian, German, French and Hebrew. v5.0: * A Resident feature is introduced, allowing EVACopy to remain resident and perform backup jobs automatically. * FileDigger was replaced by LaRVe, a friendlier and more comprehensive restore tool. * A GUI configuration tool (EVAConfig) was also added. v4.3: If no source-destination pair is defined (e.g. if EVACopy is launched for the first time), the user can select the folders, and they are stored in the settings file. FileDigger updated to version 1.1: * Removed some useless code leftovers * Bug fix: if no item selected, Open & Explore display a 'please select' message. This bug fix was made obsolete by next change: * Main destination instance (most recent backup) in included in the results list. v4.2: User note is limited in length, according to the longest path in the evacuation folder, to make sure that the longest path is still shorter than 254 characters. If too long paths are detected after evacuation, the user is warned. User note is not limited in this case, but it will be appended to the log file name only, not to the evacuation folder name. v4.1: Errors lists were separated – different errors list for every pair, and different files saved to the temporary folder. The additional tools FileDigger and TLPD were added to the archive. v4.0 : This version includes too many changes and improvements to be listed here. Mainly, the settings file was redesigned to enable limitless number of pairs and sophisticated exclusion rules, and the log file was redesign to provide better readability and troubleshooting. see EVACopy-ChangeLog.PDF for details. v3.3 : More internal macros were added as environment variables. The manual EVACopy-Manual.pdf was updated. v3.2 : Bug fix: if a directory with an extension is moved, an extra dot is appended to the name. This is an AutoIt bug. It's supposed to be fixed in AutoIt v3.3.1.1, but that is still beta. v3.1 : ability to detect file changes by size, not only by modify time ability to use environment variables and internal macros in the settings file name of settings file added to the log file, true/false parameters displayed as yes/no v3.0 : enable several source-destination pairs in a single settings file v2.21 : minor change: more friendly first-time-run error message v2.2 : Emergency break dialog box, notifying user what the source, destination and evacuation paths are, and allowing the user to cancel the emergency break Section of parameters & settings was rewritten Enable exclusion of files by minimum or maximum size Enable exclusion of files by attributes v2.1 : enable tray icon double-click for emergency break and right click for user note v2.0 : use tray icon rather than GUI messages v1.1 : more information is included in the log file v1.0 : first public release
Source: ReadMe.txt, updated 2014-11-16