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  • exellent thanks a lot!

  • Very good wrapper for ebay. Sometimes changes has to be applied but this is "normal". Works good with .de

  • Works good, but just on .com

  • Good and consistent. I use this daily to bid on hundreds of items. Works for auctions. I use uBuyFirst for the newly listed buy it now items. Winning combination! You'll win more items with this sniper. Wish it had mobile ability is only request.

  • very straightforward, works well, thank you!

  • Wow nice program, good work! Now i test it and this is my new favorite, it works perfect. Thanks for that! I love commandline programs and this is the first that compiles without any warnings :-) Only the documentation can have more details like how to input comma currency in € and so on. Please don't forget "sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev" for compiling

  • If you like working on the command line, than this is your tool. Using it since 1 year now on a daily basis. Simple, powerfull, stress-free!!

  • Thank you for the Article. You can download Segbay bid sniping tool for free from given link

  • Best eBay sniping tool. The console interface makes it a breeze to run on a server (with GNU Screen or even nohup) so you don't have to worry about your connection going out at the wrong time. You can even have a redundant setup, by running two instances on different servers! This is how software should be designed: easy, secure, and efficient. Thank you.

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  • Extremely reliable. Output is informative during both normal operation and when errors occur. This is one of the best software tools I have had the pleasure of using.

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  • This is the sniping tool I dreamt of. Minimalistic interface, fully configurable, bloat-free and reliable. Totally different from what i have seen so far. Ultimately best unix manners. For those who do not fear a command-line tool this piece of software is a *must*. I don't use anything else ever since i stumbled upon Esniper.

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  • Why an encrypted compressed file

  • Esniper works perfect.

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  • I'm using this tool since almost 10 years now...

  • Works, very small, no complaints.

  • excellent app

  • To all esnipers - This great program is even better if you use a shared directory under linux to snipe with. Have a look at my linux script! Once you have set this up on your linux computer, with a shared 'sniper' directory, you can then simply transfer over the network a 'IAmBiddingOnXxxx.txt' text file (with the bid key, price, and quantity) from your laptop/PC/phone etc... to the linux computer, and from that point you can then be assured your bidding with eSniper is completely set up for that item. Its as simple as that. That means no worries about logging into linux and editing files, calling eSniper etc... Search for my post here on 'linux shared directory script' to see how to set this up in a few minutes.

  • Essential

  • Great. Won hundreds of auctions with it. Now if we can just get eBay to stop changing the confirmation procedures, or provide a standardised API.

  • great app!

  • Excellent tool for sniping. I've used it successfully many times.

  • discontinued

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