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ERPXE is a complete PXE solution featuring a broad range of recovery tools and various OS installations in one box. The idea of ERPXE came out of the need for a simple PXE solution that would be easy to implement in a short amount of time and money. Founded in 2007 for internal use, ERPXE was developed in the field creating simple solutions for growth in Information Technology.


In our vision, we see ERPXE in every small-large scale Enterprise used for:

  • Deployment - fast and easy
  • Diagnostics - Hardware and Networking
  • Disk-less servers - Lower servers costs
  • Recovery - Various tools to handle a data crisis
  • Terminal Services - Lower desktops costs
  • Testing (Various Environments) - Increase production
  • And many other uses that will be available in the future...

Known Issues

Post issues to our GitHub page or join the mailing list:


  • VirtualBox need to be upgraded to latest version (4.2.10+ tested) for ERPXE 1.1.

VMware issue with GPXE

Windows PE Based plugins takes a lot of time to load within a virtual environment when using the gpxelinux.0 rom file. Thanx goes to w4rh0und for finding the solution.


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