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  • Excellent IDE for Python work. Installs easily, works really well; nice and flexible.

  • It's my prefered IDE. Thank you

  • This is the fourth time and 4 different versions I have tried to get to install. Never ever works. Troubleshooting gets me to the as being at fault every time! I am learning Python and should not have to troubleshoot your install script. It has never been able to find the PyQT install location even when it is in my "Path" statement. This version is looking for "PyQT5.Core" when the actual PyQT5 install is labeled "QT5Core.dll"! So I ask "How can anyone possibly get this to install?!!" I am having trouble getting PyQT to do what I want so thought this IDE would add to the features enough to help me out. The PyQT5 "Designer" and "Assistant" work perfectly so why is this such a pain? For general info, I am on Win 7 x64. I have been using PyCharm but it does not have a GUI Builder so thought I would try this way. At this point I'm thinking of just going the route of "Build Your Own" and sticking with PyCharm since it is just the best! Thanks and maybe I'll try again next year!

  • just commenting complaints about installation on Windows OS: which I'd like to address here: Actually it was a piece of cake to install it with the following installation steps: 1 --> Python3.4 (still need to check, whether it works with Python3.5 as well) 2 --> Qt package (in my case qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw492-5.5.1.exe) 3 --> PyQt package (PyQt5-5.5.1-gpl-Py3.4-Qt5.5.1-x32.exe) with QScintilla 4 --> eric6-6.0.11 (important: in a shell with admin rights!) I was close to be lost as well with installing eric on Win OS, which in my view mainly stems from an outdated / imprecise description at the eric homepage. Hope, this does the trick for others as well ...

  • There is no way install and run this project! I am using Windows7 x64 OS .. I tried again and again to install Eric6; Too much complicated installation process. I lost 3 days for try to use that project! But no way! Is someone install and run Eric IDE on Windows x64 system?! There dozen source code; But there is not a 1 click installation progress! I installed Qt5; PyQt; QScintilla2; sip but not running!

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  • Hello Eric 6 doesnot work at all with Python 3.4.2 & PyQt5, I've made installation in the sequence: Python-->PyQt-->Eric 6, but the console tells me it cannot find PyQt5, why? how to solve?

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  • Un IDE completo di debug complimenti ai programmatori!

  • Great python open-source project: easy to debug other python and django projects!!

  • Does not compile on Mint17 ('module' object has no attribute '__all__'). I was looking for an IDE to study Python, but you have to know python to install an IDE. It is a Monty Python suggestion, i presume.

  • quite good and multiplatform

  • Very nice IDE especially for Python/PyQT projects.

  • Excellent IDE. Just wish it would install on Mac OS X 10.8.4. QScintilla seems to be my problem. At least as far as an easy install of PyQt so that I can get Eric4 running.

  • Thanks for Eric-ide, it's excellent!

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Great software, thank you.

  • How to change cursor color?

  • Great tool and getting better!

  • I think this is the best Python IDE for Linux. I use it for PyQt/PySide development and it rocks! :)

  • One of the best. Surely the best python IDE for Linux.

  • It's very useful!!!!!!!

  • one of the best python ide i've ever used. it's support for PyQt and Django projects (including templates syntax highlight) is just awesome!

  • Awesome editor, especially for PyQt development.

  • A must have for django development on linux - at least for someone, like me, who started using vi, then gedit.