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ERDialog Downloadable Applets You can download applets below and store in the zips directory then use the applet page to install in ERDialog ERDaddresses is a contact program that is viewed through the browswer. for more information Readme.erdaddresses ERDhweb is a system for integrating all the files for an application in one file. html is the file method used for the combined system. All the code files, documentation files and support files are weaved together in one file. This system takes off from the literate programming ideas of weaving and unweaving. Complete applications can be distributed as one file and installed from the one HTML file. for more information Readme.erdwiki ERDtext is a web based file viewer and text editor as part of the ERDialog system. ERDialog is an small web framework with Erlang. Should work on any platform. This is the full version and requires Erlang and Yaws. for more information Readme.erdtext ERDexpert uses the yaws front end as part of the ERDialog framework. This simple expert system is usable but has limited rules. Needs Erlang and yaws installed. Changes: Initial release, has small ruleset of programming languages. for more information Readme.erdexpert Erlangxt is a operating system simulator and local operating command interface. for more information Readme.erlangxt ERDwiki takes the yaws example wiki and builds it into the ERDialog framework. This small wiki system is usable but has an unconvential syntax. Needs Erlang and yaws installed. for more information Readme.erdwiki ERDmpd is a interface to control the MPD audio server. Should work anywhere MPD can run and mpc has been ported to. ERDmpd is one of the applets that can be added to the ERDialog system. The newest version can play ogg audio. for more information Readme.erdmpd ERDvideo is web based file ogv and ogg video viewer as part of the ERDialog system, using HTML5. ERDialog is an small web framework with Erlang. ERDgraphics is a simple picture file viewer that is part of ERDialog. ERDialog is an application framework using Yaws. Multiple applets can be loaded into the framework. The existing applets include a file launcher, mpd audio interface, and wiki. This is the applet release and requires ERDialog as well as Erlang and Yaws to be installed. Changes: Version 0.2 is the initial release and can view graphics pictures of jpg,gif, png, etc one at a time. ERDvideo is a simple video viewer using HTML5 ~ select OGG videos<br> ~ display binary data from the binary header<br> ~ show the video in a HTML5 capable browser (Firefox 4.0+, Google-Chrome, Safari 5)<br> for more information Readme.erdvideo ERDtorrent is a BitTorrent client for more information Readme.erdtorrent
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