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2017-11-07: - Added a back-check for the CAS No. during data extraction, as some suppliers give results with different CAS Nos. when searching for a CAS No. (just one line in a single file, lib_supplier_scraping.php) 2017-10-03: - data extraction will not stop before an MSDS is found - added the option to force the download of the alternative language (German) as well - added a bugfix for MariaDB users, contributed by CKF/University of Vienna 2017-09-25: - 1st regular release including the Portuguese translation - MSDS download from Carl Roth, Fisher and Merck fixed - fixed a bug related to "Edit own chemicals" privilege - fixed a bug where PHP's JSON encoding complains about some UTF8 characters, rendering some entries unusable in the detail view and causing problems when navigating 2017-08-15: - Edson Gilberto Avansini of the State University of Campinas in Brazil has contributed the Portuguese translation. Thanks very much!! 2017-08-02: - fixed a bug that prevented tracking of failed login attempts and blocking of IP address/user names - fixed a bug that broke the substance data extraction on some servers due to warning messages - substance data extraction fixed for Merck and NIST; Cactus for structure => CAS conversion added - bibliographic data extraction fixed for ACS and others - updated Dymo LabelWriter library to v2.0.2, using the new service daemon instead of the old browser extension - added quoting to self_[username] VIEWs to make unusual usernames compatible (very special setup) - installation/update guide corrected (minimal) IMPORTANT: If everything work nicely for you and your system is local/intranet-only, there is no need to update. 2017-03-28: - fixed a bug related to user management on MySQL 5.7+. If you are running versions < 5.7 or MariaDB, this is no reason to install the update 2017-01-31: - fixed Merck and VWR data extraction 2017-01-28: - fixed a bug that created archive tables (used for versioning) without primary key - fixed Acros data extraction - updated installation guide 2016-10-31: Microupdate: To access Acros website, the maxRedir variable must be increased to 4. Furthermore, the (fake) user agent was increased from FF45 to FF49, as some firewalls may complain about an outdated browser. 2016-08-31: Changed the database access library from mysql to mysqli, as the old mysql library is no longer available in PHP7. People who updated their systems to Ubuntu 16.04/Mint 18 may have run into trouble because of this already. Please report any problems to me, providing information like system architecture, software versions and logfiles or error messages. This will help me to create a stable update soon. 2016-05-20: - depiction of analytical data technically updated and extended by Mathias Weklak/LMU Munich: -- better appearance -- new converters for --- Bruker/Stoe X-Ray powder diffraction --- Sadtler and Galactic SPC format (mainly IR) --- Hamamatsu PL --- NIST MS -- interactive graph viewer -- clean object-oriented code - possible SQL injection for logged-in users fixed - problem on Windows-based servers when copying experiments (duplicate components overwriting others) fixed, uniqid was not unique. Now using PHP 5.6.x should be fine on Windows/Xampp - labels for chemicals adjusted to GHS requirements (if you liked the old style more, there is a backup called labels.php.old - access to catalogs fixed: Activate Scientific, apollo, Fisher Scientific - field "order date" added to chemicals - added option to output lists in JSON format - barcode terminal now allows to add log entries - many small fixes - *update of the update*: manual MSDS upload on Windows servers fixed (thanks to GW of RWTH Aachen for the good feedback and testing) Please note that due to the number of changes, this release is still beta. Make backup copies and preliminary tests, please report any problems or difficulties to me. 2016-01-26: - bugix for reaction components appearing multiple times if multiple working instructions are present - data scraping for Carl Roth updated, due to changed website 2015-11-12: - added personal CMR report (developed for Heliatek GmbH) - fixed literature scraping for Wiley-VCH, added some smaller ones as well - slightly extended inventory import function, some database fields added - fixed some suppliers and catalog scraping tests (partly reported by MK, Fraunhofer IME) - removed rounding of purities (99.99999%) - added QDBS barcode terminal system, contributed by Dr. Konstantin Troshin (UC Berkeley). If you want to try/activate it, just unzip the included qdbs.zip, activate the constant "QDBS" in lib_global_settings.php and open [server]/qdbs/qdbs.php 2015-07-31: - batch-creation of working instructions, layout optimized if many symbols are active (developed for LMU Munich) - added IC50 property for molecules (use conditions field to indicate the target) - fixed a bug where the forms were submitted when pressing [Enter] (maybe not on all browsers) - HTML data copied into lab journal entries is a) cleaned and b) no longer defaced with numerous line breaks - minor fixes, for supplier scraping, NMR simulation link, etc. Initially, I wanted to release this version on July 19th, but SourceForge's downtime has delayed this. In the meantime, one really minor error for the client-side generation of working instructions came up and was fixed. People who received the July 19th version should not make any changes, unless they use the working instructions feature and are affected by the bug. 2015-05-02: - improved installation guide. Please report any missing aspects, hints or any mistakes. - tool to create substance-specific safety instructions (developed for LMU Munich) - text modules in ELN now support HTML formatting (developed for Heliatek GmbH) - Sigma-Aldrich safety data scraping & Fluorochem search results fixed - a cross-site scripting flaw fixed (reported by NM, University of Toronto) - fixed the problem with PHP versions below 5.5, that I accidentially introduced in 2015-03-21 - in lib_global_settings.php, you can now define tempDirPath, if the regular temp folder is not writable, which may be the case in some cloud environments (developed for AL and SM of Jacobs University) - in lib_global_settings.php, you can now define allowLocalhostLink, to use localhost instead of for cross-database access, may affect CentOS servers (developed for KT of UC Berkeley) - to reflect the differences between old and new Marvin versions, users can choose "Marvin new" to get the additional parameters that qweee asked for (better template support), while others will avoid compatibility problems (changed for DS of University of Dresden) - automatic linking of databases works more reliably now (many affected) - minor bugfixes and Javascript performance tuning You will have to clear the browser cache after applying the update, and the database format changed (see UPDATE for instructions on how to solve that) 2015-03-21: - access to catalogs of Activate Scientific and Oakwood added, access for Alfa-Aesar is back after some years - fix for database linking problems (hopefully, please report any remaining problems) - fixes for display problems related to molecules with atom groups - downloaded MSDS have proper extension in all browsers now - buttons to display MSDS in browser tab (instead of downloading, works in Chrome & Firefox) - option to download analytical data as TGZ instead of SPZ (SPZ is a TGZ customized for SPZ macro). To activate this, set define("disableSPZ",true); in lib_global_settings.php - preview generation works when uploading Docx, Xlsx, etc. and LibreOffice files - some essential settings in php.ini are now in .htaccess, may help with configuration during initial setup - minor bugfixes 2015-02-24: - fix for problem with preview images, related to PEAR-File/Archive library - bugs in "Settings > Manage databases" fixed, automated linking of multiple databases now more reliable - predefined permissions now less confusing - missing columns for lot No., cat No. added, extra column for purity/concentration (developed for Heliatek GmbH) - useful parameters for Marvin applet added (if you use more recent versions, proposed by qweee) - Marvin4JS API adapted to current version, legacy versions will also work as before (problems reported by qweee) - CMR report fixed (developed for Heliatek GmbH) - changes not being saved when closing browser window fixed (developed for Heliatek GmbH) - minor fixes 2015-01-06: - bugfixes with regard to data import, reading data from catalogs and batch-updating MSDS 2014-12-19: - added manuals for installation on Mac servers and for general use, both contributed by Khoi N. Van, Texas A&M University. Thanks very much, Khoi! Merry Christmas to all of you! 2014-11-30: - added suppliers Apollo, Biosolve, Fluorochem, fixed ABCR and Merck - made data extraction from Acros more general, tell me if you are seriously interested in other suppliers from the ChemExper platform - generation of CMR categories and signal words from other safety data (developed for Heliatek GmbH) - root can update existing safety data via "Settings > Recalculate structures..." - minor bugs - Italian translation contributed by Pierluigi Quagliotto and Ilario Gelmetti - updated installation instructions, reflecting some changes with regard to 3rd party modules and versions 2014-09-13: - fixed a bug related to permissions of barcode terminal users (after updating, login as root and go to "Settings > Recreate users" to get things working again) - the updated modules for catalog querying did not make it into the update of 2014-09-10, now it is complete - minor bugs 2014-09-10: - MSDS uploading workflow fixed, euSDB legacy code removed - catalog data extraction test fixed - missing name display in catalog search results fixed - bug when searching for number of chemicals for the respective molecule fixed 2014-08-25: - ChemicalBook access contributed by Konstantin Troshin, UC Berkeley - fields catNo and lotNo added to chemicals. Please login as root to update your database, following the instructions in UPDATE.txt - added option to add molecule and container types, similar to tagging - when accessing online catalogs, a referer=enventory parameter is added, to show the impact of OE to chemical suppliers - the timeouts of the barcode terminal can now be customized in lib_global_settings.php - minor bugfixes 2014-03-30: - added supplier search for Carbolution and Merck, minor fixes for other suppliers - bugfix for Blobdata in result lists (literature PDFs and MSDS caused problems under some circumstances) - clicking the molecule control in detail form of a chemical no longer causes confusing error message (about locking, reported by JH). To change a molecule, click on "Go to molecule" when the detail form of a chemical is active. 2014-01-23: - bugfix for Perkin-Elmer GC files (Reported by CK) - jsDatePicker image locations fixed (Reported by BN) - bug for closing lab notebooks fixed (invalid session, reported by PW and ZL) - reading signal word from TCI (Reported by BN) - read can see locations of other groups' chemicals (developed for University of Siegen) - columns for CMR in list view (developed for University of Siegen) - problem displaying edit mode when MSDS were attached to chemicals instead of molecules fixed (Reported by BN) - problem displaying volumes in experiments exported as PDFs fixed (Reported by to DG) - updated installation instructions 2013-08-03: - added support for BeLab (http://www.belab-forschung.de/belab/), to use it you must have an account there - functionality to generate PDFs from lab notebook entries - related to BeLab: analytical data, lab notebooks and their entries have UUIDs, so please login as root after installing the updated files to have these columns and missing values generated. For multiple databases, the fixFields.php script (plus &perform=1 parameter) saves some time. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP BEFORE UPDATING! - more targeted search functions directly from structure formulas (as reactant and as product separately), developed for Cynora GmbH - fully removed legacy functions to access euSDB - bugfixes for Elsevier and Thieme - minor fixes 2013-05-21: - fixed PDF access for ACS - stars and daggers will be removed from authors list - fixed timeout for literature scraping - reduced text size for components in a reaction, so that more text is visible - MSDS from Strem or Carl Roth can be attached when reading data for a CAS No. - updated installation instructions 2013-02-28: - added functionality to un-dispose chemicals (developed for University of Siegen) - fixed the generic import format for chromatography (for TU Kaiserslautern) - added ChEBI database and Carl Roth - added support for Sciformation VectorMol (pure Javascript structure editor under the CC-BY-SA-NC 3.0 license, see http://sciformation.com/vectormol.html for more) - fixed a bug related to molecule clipboard - removed Fermentas (was acquired by ThermoFisher, website changed completely) History of 2010-2012 moved to README_OLD still TODO: - integrate the 2D NMR driver - add SVG overlay for analytical data annotations - code cleaning
Source: README, updated 2017-11-07

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