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  • to repeat: no need to enter password twice for opening encrypted file Text search does not work Otherwise a very good, cross platform (including Android) program to keep password lists and other sensitive data Is java code for this available? (would like to add a timeout function to save & close file automatically)

  • Good in principle, but as other reviewers has noted, it simply doesn't work right now.

  • version 1.0beta6 literally is unusable. It runs, but there is no means of saving an encrypted file. So far Nul Points It appears that previous releases may have worked. Curious to check this version in without testing Kudos of course for developing an open-source application, but - Wake Up ! If it doesn't work it harms everyone

  • The application is a really nice idea, although the recent Beta6 JAR is not working correctly: when you try to create a new '.etxt' file it simply saves nothing. Older Beta5 version was working perfect. Just to comment some improvements: the Android app graphic interfaces could be better looking (Holo interface design and not old Android looks).

  • Latest version fixed the bug with the empty files, need some work anyway, like when opening files: don't ask the password two times.

  • Unusable anymore. Plus my pass file now only returns: "ERROR - javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Given final block not properly padded"

  • Nice and simple notepad!

  • simple and smart: never writes anything to hard drive (which would be a big problem if your OS is using a journaling filesystem like ext3, ntfs, et cetera.)

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  • Excellent for secrets storage with multiplatform requirements (and Dropbox).

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