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  • Have used e16 as my preferred WM for over a decade. Still cannot find a WM to replace it.

  • Always loyal to e16, love it for it's light weight and customisation. Tried other but none gives me the flexibility i need. e16 4ever

  • Ah, Enlightenment. The original e16 release. Flashy, and colorful even today let alone back in the day when it was first released! The only thing about it is that I can't wrap my head around the icon box and systemtray. Wasn't a fan of them but e16 appeals to my minimalism and tint2 which works fabulously with it is all I need. So that's not even a nitpick. 5 stars, it's my go-to desktop now.

  • Nice, thank you

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  • I use Enlightenment 16 on my OpenIndiana Solaris server system and on FreeBSD 9.1-AMD64 , please keep E16 as I find it to be the best wm i ever used, and its sorted, simple, and amazing WM. I remember along time ago and I always said it was ahead of its time and it still is.. i find E17 alright but its to much stuff for me i like a one source and complete wm .. e16 is more keep it simple and unix philosophy i love it :) i save the lastest source so if you ever plan on ditching this wm which i worried alot about this as many people do drop projects so i save it .. because i love it for my solaris system and it works VERY GOOD! Cheers ---Gary

  • Great! Way above the others! I use it for <a href="" target="_blank">car insurance quotes</a> and it works great!

  • Fast. Beautiful. Completely unlike others, and especially unlike other 'lightweight' WM. And fast. unobtrusive. Now with compositing, shadows and all that, splendid.