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  • Very good software. Small. I can send 1000 emails to the same address very easy (for "email to fax services"). The SMTP port may be set only 1-100. If you modify in the configuration file from %user\app data\open source\emailsender\settings.xml%, you can choose any port number but if you open SMTP properties you receive an error so don't open SMTP after.

  • I wish I could like this, but it does not download txt, doc, xml, or anything No instruction manual or support contact. This has great potential, yet I cannot use it. If someone can tell me I'd change my mind.

  • Its ok but i can't use how to connect SERVER, MAPI, SMTP pls help me how to connect thanks,

  • Great piece of software, except it only imports one record. What a time-waster.

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  • Emailsender is the best! Thanks.

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  • OpenID you can export in .csv and rename it to .txt. That works for me. Anyone knows if I can have the <name> field separate? Meaning <First name> <last name>? Thats quite a good program. Thumbs and support on.

  • small and efficient and gets the job done.

  • I found a commercial software that were inspired of this open source project. you can find the software here: The name of the software is Management-Ware Mass Mailing News. Mass Mailing News is one of the best bulk email software I've ever tried. If someone need good mass email sender software give Mass Mailing News a try.

  • Bağlanılan uygun olarak belli bir süre içinde yanıt vermediğinden veya kurulan bağlantı bağlanılan ana bilgisayar yanıt vermediğinden bir bağlantı kurulamadı Does not respond within a certain period of time connected, or established in accordance with do not respond to a connection could not be established because connected host i tried gmail hotmail yahoo ,what is wrong with me would you help pls

  • In the hands of a good political propagandist this is a political weapon that politicians really do hate. They do not like millions of people knowing about the scams and under handed dealings that they get away with almost every day. So if you have to send a message to them, use this package to get it across with the maximum effect. This same principle applies to rogue traders, scamming companies (banks, mobile phone companies, internet service providers) and government departments (Atos Healthcare and the DWP) that totally disrespect their customers. THIS IS AND WEB DATA EXTRACTOR ARE SOCIALLY ENABLING PIECES OF SOFTWARE IF YOU HAVE THE SENSE TO USE THEM TO THEIR BEST ADVANTAGE. Well done SoureForge for a brilliant piece of work.

  • to import recipient from CSV file please use the following format 0-email, 1-name, 2-company, 3-memo for example, aldo, ,

  • Nice effort. but I cannot change port to 2525 infact i cannot add port more than 100 :(

  • The CSV option works perfectly fine, I`ve imported hundreds of contacts with no issues. You need to make sure you select the comma delimited option in the import window. If you simply click the CSV it won`t work and defaults to 'Vertical Text Files'. This is a great little program and I`ve been using it awhile. Its a shame the development seems to have stalled. The issue with the port number needs fixing and with some more development this could be an awesome little mailer.

  • There's "only one wee, small problem" with this product ... you can't import a CSV file by any means, in any format. (Only the first record is imported.) Which, of course, renders the entire program absolutely useless...

  • Couldn't get importing of CSVs to work. No documentation on it either. Other than that, everything looked good - but didn't actually get to send any emails.