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  • This APP is quick and easy to use but I am puzzled by the results. The reported product key is different from what Belarc shows. I'm running Windows 10 Pro -Version 1703, build 15063.674 (free upgrade from Windows 7 Pro). I will try on some other machines and compare the results.

  • Hi, I want to find Windows Vista key. How to use this on Windows 10 platform. I didn't see any .exe file file. Like this little one, no install requured. Can any one please tell me what needs to be done after extracting .zip file Thanks.

  • Nice little program. Found our Windows 7 key. But didn’t show Office 2010 key… Started to search another app and found Recover Keys. Was able to scan all our network computers remotely.

  • Worked Perfectly, found every single key I needed exported them all into a nice, easy to read txt file.

  • Super easy to use, doesn't appear to support Office 2010 (although it is stated as beta so I can't beat it down for it)

  • Worked wonderfully, found my old office key in seconds. Thanks!

  • bad interface. but idea of program is great

  • This is a wonderful project. TNX!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

  • Happy to have found your tool/project but unfortunately it fails to show my Office 2010 (+ Visio 2010) key, no problem with the W7 64 Ultimate key!? For Visio it shows that I'm using a "Volume License Key" which is _true_ (purchased via MS OPEN license program) and might be the reason why it can not be retrieved _but_ my Office 2010 is running on a Dell OEM key. Tried to run "as administrator" (my user account has full rights and UAC is off anyway but...) but that doesn't make a difference. Are there known problems with the still beta Ekeyfinder, am I doing something wrong, or is MS just messing with all of us? ^^ Same problem with the "getmykeysback2" (which indicates it's somehow caused by my MS OS/Office install!?) AND on a second computer used by a colleague but that GMKB2 program retrieves a BS key at least (on both clients) lol But, strange thing is: Nirsoft's "ProduKey" (freeware) and "SIW" (shareware) work both like a charm, even on my computer. Where's the difference? Why do 2 out of 4 work and the others just do not? Thanks for your attention :) Brgds, Thomas

  • Very nice program and so easy to use. Thanks

  • Simple and effective - recommended.

  • Very useful utility!

  • Beneficial job, thank you for showing

  • great program that repeatedly saved my life, will definitely use it more!

  • This has saved my bacon more than once. Great, simple tool.

  • very good project