EJBCA is an enterprise class PKI Certificate Authority built on JEE technology. It is a robust, high performance, platform independent, flexible, and component based CA to be used standalone or integrated in other JEE applications.


  • Certificate Authority for all algorithms, RSA, ECDSA, DSA
  • Full standards support
  • Integration interfaces, WebService, CMP, SCEP
  • Massively scalable
  • Used by thousands of Enterprises and Governments

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User Reviews

  • Hi Sir/Madam, i'm trying to install EJBCA6 and while "ant install " i'm getting below error. Could you please help me ejbca:init: [echo] [echo] ------------------- CA Properties ---------------- [echo] ca.name : ManagementCA [echo] ca.dn : CN=ManagementCA,O=EJBCA Sample,C=SE [echo] ca.tokentype : soft [echo] ca.keytype : RSA [echo] ca.keyspec : 2048 [echo] ca.signaturealgorithm : SHA256WithRSA [echo] ca.validity : 3650 [echo] ca.policy : null [echo] ca.tokenproperties : ${ca.tokenproperties} [echo] httpsserver.hostname : localhost [echo] httpsserver.dn : CN=localhost,O=EJBCA Sample,C=SE [echo] superadmin.cn : SuperAdmin [echo] superadmin.dn : CN=SuperAdmin [echo] superadmin.batch : true [echo] appserver.home : /opt/jboss-as-7.1.1.Final [echo] ejbca:install: ejbca:initCA: [echo] Initializing CA with 'ManagementCA' 'CN=ManagementCA,O=EJBCA Sample,C=SE' 'soft' <ca.tokenpassword hidden> '2048' 'RSA' '3650' 'null' 'SHA256WithRSA' -superadmincn 'SuperAdmin'... [java] Error: CA 'ManagementCA' exists already BUILD FAILED /opt/ejbca_ce_6_3_1_1/build.xml:64: The following error occurred while executing this line: /opt/ejbca_ce_6_3_1_1/build.xml:70: The following error occurred while executing this line: /opt/ejbca_ce_6_3_1_1/bin/cli.xml:94: The following error occurred while executing this line: /opt/ejbca_ce_6_3_1_1/bin/cli.xml:112: The following error occurred while executing this line: /opt/ejbca_ce_6_3_1_1/bin/cli.xml:186: Java returned: 1 Total time: 1 minute 20 seconds [root@vSAM194-206 ejbca_ce_6_3_1_1]# -- Thanks & Regards Uday

  • What about strong authentication certficat smatcard enrollement, I would like to use differents models (template) certicates in pki smartcard. I"ve done that with Microsot ca, does EJBCA suppport this feature. Thank you for this WebServiceRA it ssem to a rich application.

  • please update the documentation with sufficient details .thank you.

  • Excellent!

  • guys help me with one file, the instructions for smartcards need a script that I can not find GenerateDCCertRequest.vbs

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French, English, Swedish, Chinese (Simplified), German, Spanish

Intended Audience

System Administrators, Developers

User Interface

Web-based, Non-interactive (Daemon), Command-line

Programming Language

JavaScript, JSP, Java

Database Environment




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AEP Networks offers secure communications and networking for government, enterprise and carriers. We work with systems integrators, managed service providers and the distribution channel to deliver integrated solutions incorporating our leading edge products: Enhanced-grade secure voice and multi-service data platforms (based on the vadOS operating system) that support a wide range of communications protocols and network topologies. High assurance networking via IPsec-based VPN encryptors for site-to-site security and remote access. Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for cryptographic key management and storage. Secure remote access to networks and applications – including virtual environments – via application-layer security gateways and SSL VPNs. Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, AEP Networks has key hub offices in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Australia.



The Dutch company A.E.T. Europe B.V. (AET), headquartered in Arnhem and founded in 1998, is committed to IT security. AET offers its customers ingenious solutions based on worldwide accepted standards for e-commerce and information security. AET is setting new standards in the crucial business area of developing middleware for smart cards and USB tokens with its SafeSign Identity Client (SafeSign IC). This middleware supports all conventional interfaces and runs on Linux, MAC OS and the Solaris platform as well as Windows. It delivers strong authentication with more than 70 cards and USB tokens from more than 10 different manufacturers. As a result, AET has top ranking as the market and technology leader when it comes to middleware for cryptographic tokens. Another of AET’s bestsellers is BlueX Digital ID Management. This well-known and extremely adaptable system supports the simplification and automation of individual steps for the digital ID management process. BlueX enables seamless integration into existing corporate structures and processes. In other words: the card management system interfaces, for example, with identity management or access control systems. Consequently, the customer profits from considerably shorter implementation cycles and the resulting reduction in costs.



AKM is a software engineering company with 25 staff members, founded in 1990. We offer customized SW systems, consultancy in technology and methodology. Our major important solutions are Card Holder and Chip Card Application Management Systems (akm_CMS_CAMS) and authorization and fraud protection system (akm_CMS_AFPS) for payment transactions.



Aventra is a high tech company specialising in information security products and services. We are especially focusing on identification and Public Key Infrastructure technologies. Most of our products are developed in house. Aventra offers a complete portfolio of products ranging from simple plastic cards to high security smart cards and tokens. Our most recent product line features security solutions for mobile applications. We also provide complete services and highly scalable systems for issuing and managing cards and secure tokens, including card printers and materials.



Djigzo, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, provides email security products which allow companies to automatically protect their email against unauthorized access both in transit and at rest. Djigzo Email Encryption Gateway is an open source centrally managed email server that encrypts and decrypts incoming and outgoing email at the gateway level. Djigzo supports two encryption standards: S/MIME and PDF encryption. The built-in Data Leak Prevention (DLP) module allows organizations to automatically scan all outgoing email for sensitive data. Djigzo can be installed on most Linux and Unix based systems. Installation packages are available for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and CentOS. A ready to run virtual appliance for VMware and Hyper-V is available. An add-on for BlackBerry and Android is available.



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