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** Features * [UTM-184] - HTTPS support for HTTP proxy * [UTM-526] - Smarthost configuration for each outgoing email domain * [UTM-527] - Outgoing IP address configuration for each email domain * [UTM-529] - Replace entire proxy chain with c-icap * [UTM-576] - Live traffic monitoring with ntopng * [UTM-582] - IPsec GUI rewrite with extended cipher support * [UTM-583] - OpenVPN server in TUN mode * [UTM-593] - OpenVPN server GUI rewrite * [UTM-599] - VPN certificate management ** Improvements * [CORE-151] - MultipleSelectField does not fully support jQuery UI Themeroller * [CORE-154] - Enable EMI Entity to use entites.OneToMany * [CORE-155] - Enable Field and OneToMany to get options for widgets * [CORE-157] - Rename clientSearch DataGrid option to client_side_search * [CORE-158] - Support callable field label_text and title within container and recursive container * [CORE-170] - FieldsGroup do not support toggle_name and toggle_option * [CORE-171] - Make FieldsGroup valid in Entity.fields(fields=[...]) lists * [CORE-179] - Add jquery effects JavaScript to EMI * [CORE-207] - Separate the base restartscripts from the jobsengine * [CORE-223] - Add HugeText and UnicodeHugeText types to be used if the content of a textarea is not a list * [CORE-227] - Add multiline support to ReadonlyField * [CORE-228] - Add form_error argument and show form_errors within the form * [CORE-229] - Escape ID if used within an Action link * [CORE-235] - Create new EMI datagrid with ajax support using jqGrid * [CORE-252] - Use partition labels in System status page * [CORE-282] - Uplink scripts print out a deprecation message * [CORE-294] - Add possibility to give multiple labels to jobs in order to allow start or wait of/for all jobs with the same label * [CORE-357] - Possibility to select TCP or UDP for remote logging * [CORE-381] - Optimize IRQ affinity of network cards * [CORE-382] - Ifplugd action script should be implemented in a modular way * [CORE-413] - Add support for RAID controller 3ware 9650se * [CORE-428] - Make jq grid multi controller ready * [CORE-437] - Add support for list args/params to EMI commands * [CORE-500] - Improve the JobsEngine restart info/error messages * [UTM-140] - Split clamav from combined antivirus icap module and make it configurable which virus scanner should be used * [UTM-222] - Read the OpenVPN status from the status file * [UTM-368] - When changing webfilter configuration reload should be used to minimize outage * [UTM-454] - Squid needs to use Rock Store cache instead of aufs * [UTM-541] - Upgrade squid to stable version 3.3.4 * [UTM-631] - Implement jobgroups to squid and icap jobs ** Bugs * [CORE-149] - Slider widget does not work properly * [CORE-150] - Accordion widget does not work as expected * [CORE-152] - When using the multi controller the width of the content is too big * [CORE-153] - EMIs CSVStorage does not support default CSV files because it creates an empty CSV file which overwrites the default * [CORE-156] - EMI raises an exception if an _<ACTION> does not return a dict when being processed * [CORE-161] - GridController.multiStore does not save correctly * [CORE-167] - EMI FieldsGroup and Container do not use correct line breaks * [CORE-188] - Signature updates dashboard plugin does not work with certain translations * [CORE-195] - BLUE_IPS and ORANGE_IPS is not defined in ethernet default settings * [CORE-201] - Installer fails during rpm -U * [CORE-210] - efw-shell popd command does not work as expected * [CORE-214] - The grid controller does not set the storage (based on an entity) if only a grid widget is passed on init * [CORE-225] - Width, CSS class are not applied to grid column and title can not be empty * [CORE-226] - Grid controller needs to support none int IDs * [CORE-230] - Apache EMI 500 and 502 error pages use Endian Management Interface instead of <brand> Management Interface * [CORE-253] - system crash due to squid-graph * [CORE-255] - YAML storage does not store anymore * [CORE-265] - Events page raises an exception * [CORE-274] - Error page templates will not be recreated after upgrading a module package * [CORE-277] - Generic servicejob does not understand that config file changed during boot * [CORE-279] - A malformed jobcontrol parameter causes an error in the JobsEngine * [CORE-280] - Traceroute does not work on x86 systems * [CORE-281] - Emi convert error when editing web filters * [CORE-283] - Action do not pass the correct controllername and apply box is hidden * [CORE-301] - An error warning is shown when trying to modify the events notifications * [CORE-302] - Status page does not show the correct information for some service * [CORE-307] - Post triggers of some packages lead to a blocking state on first install * [CORE-316] - Values of default settings files are not read when job uses get_config() * [CORE-328] - In special circumstances smartpm calculates wrong transaction causing packages to be removed/upgraded wrongly * [CORE-330] - nodata option is handled wrong if not set * [CORE-331] - Markup characters are not escaped before getting formated for grid columns * [CORE-349] - During netwizard reload jobs remain blocked causing that network is not configured which render the system inaccessible * [CORE-353] - Jobsengine segfault after upgrade * [CORE-372] - Web filter live logs are not generated * [CORE-426] - Grid controller returns wrong subgrid information to jqGrid * [CORE-456] - Descending sorting is not supported by the Database Storage * [CORE-468] - Upgrade procedure does not log errors of smart package manager * [CORE-488] - Migration at the end of efw-update need to be started synchronized and not through jobsengine daemon * [CORE-74] - Smart sometimes blocks completely * [UTM-103] - Sort form fields of AD Join GUI correctly * [UTM-147] - Fix dependencies in order to allow to have a system without clamav * [UTM-172] - DANSGUARDIAN_ENABLED and HAVP_ENABLED are not set to off if HTTP proxy is not enabled * [UTM-212] - C-icap does not start because of Include c-icap.d/*.conf * [UTM-213] - After Restarting c-icap a squid reload is needed * [UTM-229] - Intercepted proxy connections are refused * [UTM-231] - ICAP error when activating proxy with AV * [UTM-232] - Web filter white/black lists are not applied * [UTM-236] - Accessing policy including a web filter profile does not apply until proxy restart * [UTM-245] - Some templates for c-icap are missing or misplaced * [UTM-251] - Useragent logger logs also to /var/log/messages * [UTM-255] - Squid passwords can't be longer than 8 chars * [UTM-268] - Restarting c-icap sometimes does not start c-icap because of ""Bind error" * [UTM-271] - Webfilter profile names which are not completely lowercase are ignored by c-icap * [UTM-275] - C-icap need upsteam fixes which fix problems in decompressing zip files * [UTM-282] - Custom white and black-lists are ignored * [UTM-283] - Creation of c-icap access log files does not work * [UTM-303] - Show an error message to the user, while C-ICAP is restarting * [UTM-326] - Amavis passes mails with infected attachments * [UTM-353] - While stopping c-icap children sometimes do not shutdown cleanly but block * [UTM-362] - Reloading c-icap causes to exit cleanly because of a configuration error * [UTM-395] - Download of CA certificate should set MIME type and filename properly * [UTM-407] - Downloaded certificate also contains the private key * [UTM-442] - SHM deleted by old Squid process while in use by the new process, after Squid restart * [UTM-456] - HTTP proxy status on dashboard is not correctly valorized * [UTM-466] - HTTP traffic interception doesn't work with SSL-Bump enabled * [UTM-477] - SMTP proxy does not work if greylisting is active * [UTM-484] - ESTABLISHED/RELATED connections always pass through snort, also if firewall rules were not configured to use snort. * [UTM-498] - Sometimes c-icap-client does not produce ICAP headers * [UTM-511] - ICAP protocol error due to c-icap children crashing * [UTM-547] - Squid X-Forwarded-For optimization to increase compatibilty * [UTM-555] - Squid %postun trigger does not restart squid * [UTM-559] - Squid truncates Google redirect URL containing hash sign * [UTM-563] - Proxy Maximum upload/download size not working ** Tasks * [CORE-186] - Create a generic ServiceJob class which does all the standard job a simple restartscript does * [CORE-192] - Italian and German translations * [CORE-196] - Serivce job is not generic enough * [CORE-197] - Merge restartOnStop, restartOnRestart and stopOnStop into actions * [CORE-198] - Trigger action always if no changed[affects] exists for the job/service * [CORE-199] - Add flag to actions to define if a job or a service needs to be triggered * [CORE-216] - Implement JavaScript to trigger command * [CORE-218] - Implement EMI command grid action * [CORE-224] - Add suppress_label as entity field option * [CORE-237] - Integrate jqGrid into data grid * [CORE-238] - Test if the jqGrid works on not yaml storages * [CORE-239] - Add Subgrid support for showing additional info stored in another entity * [CORE-241] - Rename ui.mulitselect to ui.muliselectendian and fix label problem * [CORE-242] - Apply new jquery ui themeroller custom theme * [CORE-244] - Add support for jqGrid multi item actions to datatgrid.js * [CORE-245] - Update translations for the next image * [CORE-249] - Int ids need to be converted to always get converted to int when using grid actions * [CORE-254] - Make emi commands and status commands less verbose and write tracebacks only into log files * [CORE-258] - Improve commands and status commands to return either text or json * [CORE-269] - Force subgrid reload after ajax action * [CORE-270] - Pass gridid, controllername and ajax flag to ActionsColumn which will pass it to the grid actions * [CORE-271] - Let the width grow with the width of the window in standalone mode * [CORE-272] - Let the height of data grid grow with the width of the window in standalone mode * [CORE-291] - Add support for custom triggers on ajax grid action * [CORE-292] - Add custom trigger to make async command calls * [CORE-293] - None ajax action do not use the standalone link if used from a standalone page * [CORE-298] - Add default definition of order by for main and sub grid * [CORE-299] - Remember opened subgrids after reload of the main grid * [CORE-383] - Escape only the strings, not the other data types * [CORE-385] - Fix design issues in other packages * [CORE-387] - Move common css files into endian-artwork-core * [CORE-390] - Squid job should not use monit to restart the process * [CORE-411] - Create a jquery-libs package * [CORE-412] - Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese translations * [CORE-517] - Russian translations * [CORE-538] - Turkish translations * [CORE-541] - update syslog-ng to 3.4.2 * [UTM-259] - New error page templates for squid 3.3 * [UTM-267] - Add possibility to define per product how many threads a child can have in c-icap. * [UTM-607] - Add an option to change the multi values separator of the CSV storages
Source: README, updated 2013-10-09

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