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  • Perhaps the nicest and easies on-line tutorial I've conducted.

  • This has been incredibly helpful in learning Java, Eclipse and using JUnit! I have returned to it a few times over the years as a refresher.

  • The best set of tutorials I've ever used for any product. Outstanding!

  • Still evaluating but so far head over heals above anything else I've seen from or Oracle for learning Java in an Eclipse environment.

  • These tutorials were the gentle introduction I was looking for. Not to much to take in with each lesson, and no syntax is left unexplained. I had previously downloaded Eclipse but didn't really know what I was doing with it, and I'm familiar with some concepts of OOP from Flash AS3 but had never used it in practice, so I'm pretty much the beginner.

  • Excellent videos, very didactical, very thorough explanations, very easy to understand. Works for Total Beginners as well as "almost" Total Beginners.

  • One of the best tutorial that I have ever taken! Maybe THE best! I have been learning java for the past six months, right from beginner level. My advance has been pretty well as far as it goes with learning the concepts etc, but I was struggling with the relatively complex eclipse IDE. I actually had started to hate java for that! This tutorial made it look so easy, answered all the questions that had piled up in my mind, and even more, it made me actually start to love eclipse and java! It also help me consolidate my java fundamentals as well! Practical examples, excellent tips (frequently, but not redundantly reinforced), and nice flow. Way to go Mark! Looking forward to your new tutorials!

  • Very good tutorial.

  • So excellent, perfectly presented. Is there a continuation by any chance?

  • Love this app

  • hello guys could any of you tell me where can i get all the videos,because i downloaded ,but not getting the videos.thank you

  • Very usefull and easy to incorporate in your apps.

  • It took me a minute to figure out that I had to unzip the file before I could view the video's. best and most complete tutorial I could find on the web.

  • Great tutorial! Perfect design, pleasant voice, easy to understand english and interesting content. Thanks

  • I did not get the videos.. I had ans "swf" file instead. Can someone please show me how it works?

  • Great work! Easy to understand also for non english beginners even without sub Thanks!

  • Fantastic tutorial, you deal with complex stuff in a very clear way. Really a tremendous work. Thanks!

  • Great App ,Excellent

  • I am not able to see the video of these tutorials. If I could it is really a good job

  • Great debugger tutorial, thanks a lot.

  • Works, very small, no complaints.

  • Extremely helpful -- so much more than generic Java tutorials on YouTube. The example was challenging, but with some work a Total Beginner could get through it. Thanks for taking the trouble to create these and post them. It is an outstanding resource.

  • Thanx a lot for this tutorial.

  • Hi. Thanks, Mark, for your tutorial. You speak in English very slow and clearly and I can understand you very well ;-) Please, go on like this! Great !!!!

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