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EclipseFP Haskell 2.3.0 Release Notes Necessary Haskell packages: - EclipseFP relies on BuildWrapper, a Haskell IDE library, for a lot of its functionality. See for more information. Version 0.6.0 of buildwrapper has been validated with this version of EclipseFP - EclipseFP also uses scion-browser. Version 0.2.9 has been validated with this version of EclipseFP Fixes: - rebuild project correctly if a Happy, Alex or UUAGC file is modified - Accept space only as separator for extensions field in cabal file - Autocompletion shows symbols from other modules in same project, but not imported (adds import automatically) - Type signature quick fixes does not truncate Kind signatures any more - Do not load object code when running debug GHCi sessions - Do not offer to create hoogle database if hoogle is not found - Opening definition of an operator goes to proper anchor in Haddock HTML - If you create a new Haskell project on a location that already contains a valid project - you get a warning message in the new project creation wizard, to make sure this is what you want - a Setup.hs file is not created if a Setup.lhs file is already present Features: - Output (exe) generation on build can be disabled by adding output=true to the haskell builder command of the .project file - Search for Haskell types/functions/constructors/modules (definitions + usage) - Quick Fix for more missing pragmas - see - Quick Fix for missing package -> installs it via cabal with no specific options/flags - Yesod devel and yesod test launch configuration (on existing yesod projects, you need to manually add the yesod nature) - Auto complete: -proposals scope change: there is no preference anymore. Pressing again Ctrl-Space (or whatever key binding you have defined for content assist) allows you to cycle between proposals that comes from imported modules, all modules in the current project and dependent packages, and all packages. -use GHC's namesInScope function to present all names in scopes. This for example means that names from TH generated functions are visible. - Rename functions, types, constructors: renames all usages and definitions - Watch out: due to a GHC API bug in GHC 7.4.x, may not work properly on constructors if you use GHC 7.4.x (see - Preference page for executables so that user can auto detect their locations or specify an arbitrary one: Yesod, Snap, SourceGraph, HLint Internal: Upgrade notes: Known issues: - Searches and hover information may not work well for data constructors with GHC 7.4.1 because of a GHC bug (see Thanks to all bug reporters and users for their feedback. Thanks to all the people that expressed interest in EclipseFP and want to see it stay alive and improve!
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