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Changelog for v2.0.10-1 * fix --among-dst-file, which translated to --among-src (reported by Thierry Watelet) * fix bug in test_ulog.c example * Makefile: respect LDFLAGS during ebtables build (Peter Volkov) * Makefile: create directories to avoid build failure when DESTDIR is supplied (Peter Volkov) * incorporate fixes for possible issues found by Coverity analysis (thanks to Jiri Popelka) * define __EXPORTED_HEADERS__ to get access to the Linux kernel headers * extend ebt_ip6 to allow matching on ipv6-icmp types/codes (by Florian Westphal) * Print a more useful error message when an update of the kernel table failed. * Add --concurrent option, which enables using a file lock to support concurrent scripts updating the ebtables kernel tables
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