PT Easywork Indonesia is a company engaged in development of systems that include instrumentation and software, as well as product development.

The instrument we have developed is microprocessor or microcontroller-based electronic instruments for various purpose, such as:

Automation. Designing control systems for automation in industry and smart building, such as temperature and humidity control systems, security systems, control systems for elevator, escalator, lighting, and so forth.
Displaying system. Applying digital technologies in the world of display for various purposes such as promotion, information center, customer flow management (queuing machine), and so forth.
Development of digital system accordance with client specifications.
As for software, we developed a system that includes:

Easywork Framework. A framework which is used as the basis for developing all software owner by PT Easywork Indonesia. In other word, all software developed by PT Easywork Indonesia


  • Application Modul
  • Definition Modul
  • Cash and Bank Modul
  • GL Modul
  • Purchasing Modul
  • Selling Modul
  • Tools Modul
  • Registration Modul

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User Reviews

  • In this beta version, Easywork Enterprise Server (EES) have been added many finance-related modules EES specifically designed for service companies that have many branches. By using the topology of client – server, EES supports companies that intend to work online. Because it uses a database class RDBMS or Relational Database Management System, EES guarantees the accuracy, validity, and consistency of data. We guarantee that no data is entered without inspection reliability. With a highly interactive user interface, users of these applications are expected to gain the experience and find the new standards on how to use a computer program in a fun way. In addition to pamper your eyes, the EES’s face was deliberately designed in such a simple yet attractive so that it remains easy to learn and use. All modules have the same user interface layout relatively so that users will quickly understand how to use the other modules if they have mastered one of the modules. EES also supports multi currency. With this feature, companies can transact using different currencies with a currency that is used as the main currency. The consequences of the use of this feature has also been supported perfectly. EES automatically manage foreign currency exchange rate used following making it possible to calculate the foreign exchange arising from transactions carry out by using the different currencies accurately. Determination of the value of foreign currency exchange rates is by using the floating system that truly represent the actual state of the currency market. Another interesting feature is the built-in user manager. EES has a very flexible module to manage the users. Users are allowed to create the user groups freely and without being limited. Users are also given the freedom to fully determine the permissions for each user group. Perhaps this kind of freedom you will not find in similar applications. We guarantee this application lifetime in the sense that if you find bugs or errors of logic or business process or calculation, please contact us at anytime. We will be happy to fix and will submit an updated version or patch to you. That’s our commitment.

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Financial and Insurance Industry

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