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  • its not the best but it really great hotspot billing software. 5 Star and very happy :) Easyhotspot great works. waiting for new update :) Thank You :)

  • please, someone knows the username and password of the full_distro version? I have installed the easyhotspot in a virtual machine but I cannot access the program because i am getting login error with username and password incorrect. thanks. Elson

  • It is a very Good software but I could not find "export to excel " on vouchers menu, pl update procedure if any knows. thanks in advance

  • Easyhotspot works good.

  • Yes, it is a great - it works perfectly for android tablets and smartphone, but it gives "login failed" for iphone - my username and password is the same for using of android smartphones and it is NOT working. Could anyone tell what I should do ? do I need to do some settings in iphone (mine is iphone 3G) or in easyhotspot linux server ? Regards, Bruce

  • Easy to use and works.

  • great software! :)

  • very good project

  • I downloaded the ISO and with a few minor setups (like changing the ethernet connector names to eth0 and eth1, and making eth1 a static address192.168.182.1) it worked perfectly. Now , anyone know how to set the 'simultaneous' user setting to allow everyone to log in with the same name? We dont charge for wireless, just making it easier for our guest users. I have hard coded the username and only want them to have to put a password.

  • Greate piece of software, slight problem with device names, but after installing on a hard drive it resolved itself. Would definately recommend this product and can't wait for the next release!

  • Great software. If you want to setup a hotspot system where you can easily manage the users, easyhotspot is the software for you. Fast and easy to setup you'll have your hotspot running in no time.