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E2fsprogs 1.42.9 (December 28, 2013) ==================================== Mke2fs will detect an attempt to create a file system on a loop mounted file and complain without the -FF option. Also fixed mke2fs so it allows the creation of a file system on a mounted device with two -F options, as documented in the man page, instead of three -F options. Fixed a large number of bugs in resize2fs, e2fsck, debugfs, and libext2fs to correctly handle bigalloc and 64-bit file systems. There were many corner cases that had not been noticed in previous uses of these file systems, since they are not as common. Some of the bugs could cause file system corruption or data loss, so users of 64-bit or bigalloc file systems are strongly urged to upgrade to e2fsprogs 1.42.9. The tune2fs program will now not allow changing the uuid on a mounted file system which has the uninit_bg feature enabled. This avoids a nasty race where the kernel and tune2fs are both retrying rewrite the group descriptors at the same time, with different ideas about what the UUID should be. When e2fsck is rehashing an extent-mapped directory, it's possible (although very rare) that an extent block will need to be allocated; fix e2fsck to make sure that the block gets marked as used. Mke2fs will now properly set the LARGE_FILE feature when creating a journal >= 2GB --- which can happen when using 64k block size. Fixed debugfs so that its freei command will correctly handle a request to free a range of consecutive inodes. Fixed 2fsck so it will not erroneously complain that an external journal is invalid if it is exactly 2**32 blocks. Fixed e2fsck so it won't try checking for, and adding, a missing lost+found directory when running in read-only mode. Fixed e2image to avoid some buffer overruns which would cause it to when creating a "standard (non-raw, non-qcow2) image file. Standard e2image files are actually very rarely used, so we didn't notice when the changes to enable the qcow2 format broke this e2image mode. Fixed mke2fs so that the extended option "-E resize=NNN" will not turn on the resize_inode feature when the meta_bg feature is set, since these two features can not be set at the same time. Fixed tune2fs so that when it disables the quota feature, it updates all of the backup superblocks. Fixed dumpe2fs that would cause it to abort when run using an image file when trying to print the journal information (which is not present in an e2image created image file). Fixed a potential integer overflow in e2reefrag. (Addresses-Debian-Bug: #718205) Enhance debugfs so that when copying a sparse file from a native file system into the file system image using the "write" command, it will create a sparse file into the destination file system. Enhanced debugfs so it can support a command line which is up to 8k long. E2image will refuse (unless the -f option is specified to force the issue) to create a raw or qcow image using a mounted file system, unless the -f option is specified to force the issue. E2image has been optimized for using it to efficiently copy a file system by only copying the allocated blocks, by using the options -ra. New options (-o and -O) have been added so that a source and destination offset can be given. The -p option will print progress information so the user will know how far along the copy is going. And finally, the new option -c is useful for updating a file system on an SSD, by avoiding unnecessary writes. E2image can also shift a file system image by doing an in place move. Fix a regression introduced in 1.42.8 which would cause e2fsck to erroneously report uninitialized extents past the EOF (as determined by i_size) to be invalid. Fixed resize2fs so under a corner case when an inode has a complex extent tree, it will not corrupt an interior node in the extent tree. Fixed resize2fs which would sometimes corrupt a file system when shrinking a file system to a minimum size using resize2fs -M. (Addresses Debian Bug: #660793) Fixed resize2fs so that it will relocate inode table blocks if this becomes necessary when shrinking the file system. Fixed resize2fs and e2fsck so they will not crash when hit a failure while operating on a file system with the MMP feature enabled. Fixed a bug in debugfs which caused it create an invalid inode when trying to write a zero-length file. E2fsck will no longer crash if it tries to delete an invalid extent-mapped symlink. E2fsck will no longer crash if it comes across an directory which is larger than 2GB (which is not allowed in valid file systems). Fixed debugfs's help texts to fully document all options and otherwise be more helpful. Updated/fixed various man pages. (Addresses Debian Bugs: #586218, #669730, #698076) Fixed various Debian Packaging Issues (#698879, #721365) Programmer's Notes ------------------ Fix sparse, gcc -Wall and clang nits. Update config.{guess,sub} to the latest version Fixed various memory and file descriptor leaks on various error paths, as well as some missing error return checks, which were found using Coverity. Run sparse against source files when building e2fsprogs with 'make C=1'. If instead C=2, it configures basic ext2 types for bitwise checking with sparse, which can help find the (many many) spots where conversion errors are (possibly) happening. Allow the regression test to be run in chrooted environments where /etc/mtab might be missing. The ext2fs_punch() function, which was introduced in 1.42, was broken in many ways, but this was never noticed since it wasn't used for anything significant. Some of the bugs include failing when trying to punch a completely sparse file, failing when punching an extent-mapped inode when the starting block was at the beginning of the inode, and not being able to punch a single block (where start_blk == end_block). It also didn't handle being passed an invalid, too-large ending block number, and didn't handle properly terminate at the right place when operating on an indirect-mapped inode. Fixed some minor typo's in the error catalog for libext2fs. Fixed ext2fs_file_set_size2() so that if it truncates an inode by setting the file size, to zero the rest of the block to the end of the file, so that if an ext4 FUSE driver tries to extended the file, that we don't avoid stale data from being returned. Fixed ext2fs_bmap() to disallow clients from trying to map or set logical blocks which are larger than what an extent-mapped or indirect block-mapped inode can allow. If debugfs (or some userspace program using libext2fs) creates a file which is larger than 2GB, make sure the large_file feature flag gets set. Fix a bug in ext2fs_link() where if there is multiple empty slots in the directory which are large enough, the directory entry could get inserted more than once in the directory. If quota support is disabled (which is the default), make sure that all traces of the quota support is removed from usage messages, man pages, and tune2fs must not be able to enable the quota file system feature. (Addresses Red Hat Bugzilla: #1010709) The ext2fs_file_write() now updates i_size on a successful write, instead of only updating i_size wen the file is closed via ext2fs_file_close(). Added a shell script, populate-extfs.sh which uses debugfs to populate an ext2/3/4 file system image from a given directory. It is similar to the genext2fs program, but it supports ext3 and ext4 file system. Add changes to the libext2fs library to support block group descriptors larger than 64 bytes (for future compatibility). Fixed an off-by-one bug in ext2fs_file_set_size2() so that it will not leave an extra block in the file when truncating the file down to size. The html version info pages are now built using makeinfo --html instead of the unmaintained and now-obsolete texi2html program.
Source: README, updated 2013-12-29

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