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  • 毋庸置疑,这款软件就是解决 Windows 老游戏兼容性问题的最优秀的工具。

  • When your modern PC/Graphic card wont run an old game, DxWnd can provide a solution. The support provided by the developer is friendly, speedy and effective.

  • This program saved the life of an older gamer many times. It's a bit unclear where all the options are for for an inexperienced user like myself, but even with the default settings I can play some games in Windows 10 that doesn't work anymore out of the box.

  • This is an incredibly useful program for running old Windows 98 and XP games on modern hardware. Some games I never thought I would get running again work.

  • Only thanks to this project old games do not go into oblivion! Brilliant work.

  • Great project !

  • .

  • Awesome programm! Running old games now much easier, forced windowed mode works perfectly! Thank you!

  • Best software to run old games on modern hardware and OS. Two thumbs up

  • Gho does an excellent job with program and helping people solve issues the best he can

  • Great bit of software. Works well, great support for games, lots of options and a very helpful dev

  • Great Program, constantly updated. New features added all the time. Priceless.

  • Handles DirectDraw games very well on my Windows 7 x64

  • Very useful tool for older games and the guy who made it is really willing to help.

  • Great and useful tool!

  • Not only you may run your game in windowed mode, but sometimes if the game doesn't run, there is a serious possibility that with DxWnd it may run BTW. An excellent piece of full proof software, and a fantastich support by the auther.

  • The software I've been looking for a long time. Helps me play older games with non-blurry scaling, proper input and excellent interaction with a modern Windows desktop.

  • I've been looking for something like this for years! I can finally play my old games the way o want. It just needs some time to get used to the loads of features but it works like a charm ;)

  • The DxWnd project is a very nice supplement to older PC games. Most PC games in the past didn't have a play in window option. I began using it and I was... HOOKED... just like the application has been designed to do. It's nice to see someone continuing the project to help make multitasking while gaming much easier. So, thanks gho! It still leaves room for improvement but doesn't everything? =D Good Day - All!

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  • This is a wonderful program that makes old games playable on Windows 8.1 and on. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  • Does exactly what it's described to do: Making older programs and games work in windowed mode and sometimes even enables them to work at all on modern machines! gho is also really active in the forums.

  • DxWnd is amazing, without it I wouldn't even bother going back to revisit older games. It's a little daunting at first to setup because of the vast amount of options, but gho (the developer) is super helpful, just make a post about your game and he'll help you set the thing up, or he'll just fix DxWnd to work with your game. 6/5 Stars.

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  • Very useful program and best of all it works!

  • Super helpful developer, super useful program. It's the ONLY way to fix certain games like Hoyle Casino Empire in w8.

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