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DVDx 4 CHANGELOG ================ Updated by Starbuck <starbuck@labdv.com> September 10th, 2014 version DVDx 4.1 Beta 6.0 with free converter Features: - Support DVD titles with multi-angle - Support Blu-ray titles with multi-angle (not tested) - 'Rip all titles' selection rips default angle for multi-angle titles - Output files are now named with disc name (eventually with title number and angle) - AAC encoder is now Fraunhofer AAC Encoder (fdk-aac) Fix: - Fix automatic folder name for folder disc Backends: - Updated FFmpeg libs and MPlayer (libvpx, x264, x265, dvdnav) Build: - Windows only _________________________________________________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 5.0 with free converter DVDx 4.1 is now the only copier to copy titles from P90X3 discs as well as other DVD discs with weird structure and protection scheme. All tracks are copied at once then loaded in the converter (helpful for DVD with broken stream analysis). Features: - New 'Rip current title (experimental)' menu to rip DVD title as-is before converting - Display information when DVD loaded in player different from same path loaded in ripper - Improved handling for DVD with partial identification (like P90X3 discs) - Improved handling for discs with mastering errors - Better handling for partially damaged streams - Use unique player backend for Blu-ray and other sources Fixes: - Fix 'transcoding failed' issue when burning subtitles permanently on video from subtitles text file Build: - Windows only _________________________________________________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 4.0 with free converter Fixes: - Fix transcoding issue with sevreal audio tracks (introduced in release) Build: - Windows only _________________________________________________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 3.1 with free converter Features: - Subtitles language can be changed when converting video - Pictured-based subtitles (DVB/DVD/Blu-ray) are resized to video size Fixes: - Fix audio filtering with multi-audio output transcoding - Fix burnt-in subtitles resizing and letterbox cropping Backends: - Updated FFmpeg libs Build: - Windows only _________________________________________________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 3.0 with free converter Features: - Removed (temporarly) video editor menus to avoid confusion Backends: - Updated support for AACS v47 - Updated BD+ support - Improved handling for discs with mastering errors - Better handling for partially damaged streams - Updated FFmpeg libs and MPlayer Build: - Windows only _________________________________________________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 2.2 with free converter Features: - Updated H.264 and VPX transcoders Fixes: - Installer is now complete with all new Qt5 DLLs Build: - Windows only _________________________________________________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 2.1 with free converter Features: - Decrypter improved handling for discs with mastering errors - Improve disc auto-loading to handle data disc rip request Fixes: - Fix 'Unexpected title progress data' message in DVD/Blu-ray ripping jobs - Fix no disc auto-loading detection (introduced with Beta 2.0) - Fix job manager windows positioning with dual-screen (Windows 8.1) Build: - Windows only _________________________________________________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 2.0 with free converter Features: - Prevent closing application while processing jobs - Full integration of decrypter and transcoder Fixes: - Prevent crashing on close (nicely closing internal processors) Build: - Windows only _________________________________________________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 1.2 with new ISO backup and free converter with H.265/HEVC New features: - Add Blu-ray/DVD/HD-DVD 1:1 ISO copy and decryption - Converter button now opens converter with current file Transcoding profiles: - Add QuickTime (MOV format) support to H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC profiles - Add new video profile: h265.ini : H.265/HEVC (HDTV) Backends: - Add components to support ISO backup - Improve H.265/HEVC support in transcoder (not yet for player) - Updated H.264, VPX (VP8-VP9), Vorbis and ASS player libraries - Font cache update no longer required for MPlayer - Remaining time displayed for ISO backup can be much higher than reality (DVD only) Build: - Windows only ______________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 1.1 with free converter New features: - Add option to workaround picture-based canvas size issue with subtitles - Improve audio profile support in ripper - Improve audio profile support in converter - Support burnt-in subtitle text (srt/ssa) from video file input - Add new job menu in DVD/Bluray ripping job manager - Add new job menu in media converter job manager - Add save job report feature - Add new tutorials in help menu - Abort button in job window becomes magic button (abort/play/report/open) Transcoding profiles: - Add selection to show/hide audio profiles - Set Android VisualOn as AAC encoder for 3G2/3GPP (3g2.ini) - Add VP9 in WebM profile (webm.ini) - Improved guessing to set video deinterlacing Backends: - Change load process to avoid all crash at start (and speed up start) - Improved ripping for discs with mastering errors - Improve AVC and PCM support in MKV muxer - Improve VC1 transcoder - Improve AC3 decoder - Enable Google VP9 encoding - Enable AAC 7.1 encoding - Improve HEVC detection - Improve WMV player support - Updated VPX, ASS and DVD player libraries Fixes: - Fix crash when video streams aren't the very first ones in files (MKV) Build: - Upgrade to Qt 5.2.1 - Windows only ______________________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Beta 1.0 with free converter New features: - New complete video transcoder to recode MKV rips or any other audio/video file - Add aspect ratio correction in video settings (to correct bad video files) - Add audio profile support to extract and transcode audio tracks (experimental) - Set default encoding profile to mp4.ini (both converter and ripper) - Option to resize or not (default) main window when loading new media - Abort during transcoding stops smoothly and output is shorten but readable Transcoding profiles: - Add new video profiles: wmv.ini : WMV (Windows Media Video) - Add audio profiles: ac3.ini : AC3 (Audio Dolby Digital) aiff.ini : AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) caf.ini : CAF (Core Audio Format) dts.ini : DTS (Audio Digital Surround) m4a.ini : MP4 Audio mp3.ini : MP3 Audio ogg.ini : Ogg Vorbis (Google WebM Audio) wav.ini : WAV (Microsoft Audio) wma.ini : WMA (Windows Media Audio) Backends: - Update support for AACS v46 - Improve compatibility of produced MKV files Knowledge base: - Audio TrueHD -> AAC is not supported (use TrueHD -> AC3, MP3) Fixes: - Correct letterbox filter to support anamorphic output resolution - Skip a useless zoom change which made bad resize on load media - Change backend manager start to fix start crash bug Build: - Windows only _______________________________________________ version DVDx 4.1 Preview build release Features: - Start much faster than DVDx 4.0 (new backend manager) - Include latest DVD and Blu-ray disc decryption schemes (no need of additional decryption software) - Decrypts Blu-ray discs even with latest versions of AACS and BD+ - Decrypts almost any DVD-Video disc - Switchable transcoder interface with Rip/Transcode/Edit buttons - Full-featured media player (complete FreePlayer integration) - Colorful-text process console with switchable stdIn/sdtOut/stdErr - Links to access related process console from many helpful windows Transcoding profiles: - 3g2.ini : 3G2/3GPP mobile phone - apple.ini : Apple (iOS-Based Devices) - avi.ini : Microsoft AVI (DivX/Xvid/MPEG-4) - bluray.ini : H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Blu-ray Disc) - copy.ini : copy in or strip out original tracks - dvvideo.ini : MiniDV/DV/DVCAM/DVCPRO recorders format - flv.ini : Flash Video (Adobe MPEG-4 video) - h264.ini : H.264/AVC (HDTV) - lossless.ini : lossless video (I Frame-only) - mkv.ini : MKV (Matroska video) - mp4.ini : MP4 (MPEG-4/QuickTime) - mpeg2.ini : MPEG-2 (CVD/SVCD/DVD) - p2p-avc.ini : Peer-To-Peer H.264/AVC file sharing - p2p-divx.ini : Peer-To-Peer DivX/MPEG-4/Xvid file sharing - postprod.ini : Post-Production (Video editing) - prores.ini : Apple ProRes video editing (I Frame-only) - webm.ini : Google WebM (licensing-free H.264 alternative) New backend manager: - User-friendly backend consoles - Interactive console to input user command to test backend engines - Very fast application start (all initialization processes are started in parallel and font cache update is done in background) Code: - Complete rewriting based on Starbuck's FreePlayer and Starbuck's C++ Library including Console, Media, MediaPlayer, Process, Transcoder and Widget classes. Starbuck's C++ Library project is the framework (based on Digia Qt) for software products edited by labDV.com team. Build: - Windows only ____________________________________________ version Merge and split movie files New smart feature: - add movie merge (merge several movie files into one file) New feature (all editions, input files must not have multi-audio or multi-subtitle tracks): - add movie split to volumes (split one file into fixed-size volumes) - add movie split into equal parts (divide one file into several ones) Smart Edition: - increase maximum video bitrate for H.264 HDTV and DivX Plus HD codecs from 4000Kbps to 20000Kbps - set default video bitrate at 6000Kbps for H.264 HDTV and DivX Plus HD codecs - no longer ask for activiation at every start All: - change H.264 HDTV and DivX Plus HD bitrates for medium and high profiles - limit job manager window width (too large with too long file names) Windows: - updated FFmpeg engines to 32-bit N-34031-ge403a97 and 64-bit - updated MediaInfo to 0.7.51 - upgrade to Qt 4.7.4 libraries Mac OS X: - fix job title display in job manager window (first job title vertical display was shrinked) - upgrade to Qt 4.7.4 libraries Linux (Ubuntu): - back to Qt 4.7.2 libraries for compile platform (Ubuntu 11.10 libmenu issue with Qt 4.7.4) - Ubuntu Unity notes: a) to remove Global Menu: sudo apt-get remove appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-gtk appmenu-qt which is revertible: sudo apt-get install appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-gtk appmenu-qt b) to run DVDx 4 with the menu inside the application window and not on the Unity panel (which is not a regular Gnome Panel!): UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 dvdx4 c) to run DVDx 4 with the menu in both the Unity panel and the application window, like so: APPMENU_DISPLAY_BOTH=1 dvdx4 Developpers (Open Edition): - introducing new encoder and media analyzer interfaces (much faster and easier to manage) ____________________________________ version Smart Edition fixes Smart Edition: - fix impossible activation with error Internet not accessible - fix valid email address rejected for activation - fix application error when closing DVDx 4.0 Mac OS X and Linux: - updated MediaInfo 7.48 ___________________________________________ Smart Edition Beta1 public release New features (Smart Edition): - encoder user settings: rezolution, bitrate, audio sampling - one-click 2-pass encoding DivX-Xvid to fit video movies in one 700MB CD - one-click remux video files (correct bad index and bad sync.) - better process monitoring: display remaining encoding timed - better process monitoring: display real-time encoding speed - FFmpeg 64-bit engine All: - corrections to ensure Open and Smart editions compliance - fix min limit for test frames - fix MPEG-2 encoding preview if frame number less than 250 - fix AMRNB audio encoding (mono 8kHz) - enable open file/DVD even if engines not ready but alert user to check engine paths Windows: - updated MediaInfo 7.48 ______________________________________________________________________ version fix bug `Player engine couldn't get DVD title number` All: - change settings id to Open Edition - remove max limit for test frames and test position (for arbitrary slicing) - fix MPlayer font cache update issue - updated MediaInfo 7.45 Windows: - delete useless registry key at installation ______________________ version fixes All: - fixed large file analysed as invalid (MediaInfo time-out) - new H.264 settings for Sony PSP (MP@L3.0, resolution and more) - new H.264 settings for file input (H.264 baseline/main/high profiles) - added On-line FAQ link in Help menu Windows: - fallback to previous MPlayer/MEncoder builds (r33216, VP8 playback not regressed) - new libfaac.dll Mac OS X: - fixed MediaInfo path - fixed dyLib issue (added iconengines plugin in application Frameworks) ____________________________________________________ version improve DVD loading and VP8 support All: - add progress-bar while loading file - set large time-out (10s) for MediaInfo and FFprobe (required for large files and when loading DVD) - fix H.264 playback issue with MKV files - fix resampling multi-channel audio with FFmpeg (file input) - correct QuickTime profiles (H.264 and MPEG-4) for file input - remove QuickTime (MOV) and iPOD format for DVD input (do MKV first) Windows: - add player-dvd.exe (Sherpya-SVN-r30369-4.2.5) for subtitle preview - new MPlayer/MEncoder builds (r33488, better VP8 playback support) - new FFMpeg build (git-N-30344) - uninstall silently previous version Linux: - added libdvdcss2_1.2.10-0.4_i386.deb available as extra download, libdvdcss2 is required to read encrypted DVD movies - added DVD authentication (may not be needed but not sure) Mac OS X: - fix uncomplete installation bundle - add DVD authentication (no more needed to play DVD before opening in DVDx 4) - new MEncoder build to fix DVD encoding issues (AAC audio, Xvid/DivX and H.264/AVC) - new FFmpeg-dvdx4 build to support AMR-NB audio encoding (3G2/3GP/MOV) - set default player latency started/finished to 5000ms instead of 3000ms - restart after installation to display icon in /Applications _______________________________________ version first Mac OS X release Features: - added Google/On2's VP8 video codec and WebM (HTML5 video) format for file input Code: - set Linux paths to use ffmpeg-dvdx4 build and MPlayer/Mencoder installed pakages - set Mac OS X engine paths to MacPorts (/opt/local/bin) - cosmetics (reduce size of encoding progess windows) Build: - set Debian package to install MPlayer/MEncoder distro packages if not installed - Qt framework libraries updated to 4.7.3 - all platforms buildable: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X - released binaries for Windows (x86), Linux (i386), Mac OS X (x86_64) Engines: - use MEncoder/MPlayer distro (upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 recommended) - new FFmpeg build on Windows and Linux (r30023) - update FFmpeg on Mac OS X (0.6.2 MacPorts) - update MEncoder/MPlayer on Mac OS X (1.0rc4-4.2.1 MacPorts) - update MediaInfo to 0.7.44 (all platforms) ________________________________________________ version bug fixes & display improvement Features: - reduced AAC bitrate (better quality alignment with MP3 half bitrate) - added AAC HQ profiles with high bitrates to HD movies - added MP3 Low Rates to replace AAC Low Rates on Linux Code: - change preferred audio codecs for 3GP/3G2 formats - add mp3_flv virtual codec for 44.1khz high profile in FLV format - disable AAC audio and 3G2/3GP, iPOD (M4A/M4V) formats on Linux - add source name display in encoding progress widget - apply QProcess::close() method to all Qprocess on stack (avoid segment fault in linux/macx) - use -vframes and -aframes FFmpeg options for encoding preview Build: - main.pro fixed to compile on Linux Engines: - fix (Windows) mixing subtitle display in player (change MPlayer to Sherpya-SVN-r30369-4.2.5) _______________________________________ version initial public release Build: - Windows only
Source: README, updated 2014-09-10

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