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  • Stay away from this program! Even though I did not accept the additional software it downloaded the Opera browser and changed all my file associations. It downloaded some gaming software that was very difficult to find and delete. It altered my Outlook file associations and I could not view photos in Facebook. DON'T TOUCH IT!!!!

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  • I just started using DVDStyler it is a great program, the learning curve is fairly low. It's being updated (Current Ver. 2.9.3) just the other day in fact. It's way better than dvdflick. I'm using DVDStyler 64bit ver. 2.9.3 on Windows 7 Home 64-bit. I haven't seen any problems yet. You can create a really professional looking custom menus in a few minutes, with it's drag and drop, WYSIWYG interface and the included backgrounds and buttons. Plus you can use your own custom made backgrounds and buttons . Creating a new custom button was surprising easy, You just need a program like "Inkscape" which can save as a .svg file and a Texteditor to copy and paste a few lines of code that are posted. There are actually two different kinds of buttons the normal ones and one I called a frame button which can show a movie clip in it. Documentation could be better, it's lagging behind the current version number. (plus it doesn't tell you how to create the custom buttons, I found some online tutorials for that (in fact I just wrote and posted one on how to make the frame buttons on the sourceforge discussion page.). A lot of the information posted online is for older versions though, but is still useful. The sourceforge discussion forum doesn't have much traffic either. As for the warnings about added crapware, I haven't seen any in the newest version installer. I think it might depend on where you download it from or if it is a older version. I downloaded the latest from the authors site dvdstyler .org which downloads from sourceforge. Now I haven't tried burning a dvd using the built in burner, I create a ISO image first and mount it as a virtual drive ( I use PortableWinCDEmu-4.0 to mount the ISO), to play it first and check that everything works right before burning. Then I use imgburn to burn the actual disk, this was a great tip I saw, you just about eliminate burning a coaster.

  • By Far the best and easiest DVD authoring tool out there. Easier than commercial applications. I looked at all the free ones. I tried them all. I tried the one with the most positive reviews. What a waste of time. So, I read the features. DVDStyler only had 2 comments versus hundreds for #1. But, as I read I had a feeling this was it. I found a video on Youtube. Five minutes later, I was authoring DVDs from AVI, MP4 M4V & MKV files. This does everything in one step. Most others required many steps. Menus were difficult in all the others I tried. DVDStyler was so easy. I would give this 10 stars if possible 5 Stars are not enough. The bloatware and crapware was easy enough to avoid. I never allow a default instal NEVER. That is stupid. So, this never installed anything other than the actual program. Those who are giving this one star, are not being fair. This is simply an amazing tool.

  • Great software!

  • This is the best free DVD-creation software I've been able to find. The comments about bundled malware are misinformed (at best; hysterical at worst). The installer will install a common search toolbar and change your home page, if you don't specifically opt out of these, and instead click on the 'basic' or 'recommended' options. As much as I don't like this way of doing things, it has become so common that anyone with any familiarity with downloading free software should be well aware of it, and should therefore take the appropriate care when installing a new program. If you weren't aware of this, you should be grateful that the installation of such relatively-benign, easily-removable programs/changes enlightened you; the lesson could have been much nastier. In short, we're getting good, reliable software for free; we shouldn't be whining that we have to pay attention for a few seconds while we're installing it, lest we end up with a Yahoo toolbar we don't want (and which will take another few seconds to get rid of).

  • I have used this program for many years (5 or 6) under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. There have been very few times that I lost my cool with it and cursed at it (like I have with many other programs). The developer respects the GPL and provides access to the source code (C++) through a CVS repository. The claims that this has malware, virus, or trojans are false. To be fair to those complaining there are optional adware programs within the Windows .exe file. These are Optional and Not Malicious (though there may be a small argument for harmful, via using system resources). The developer has a right to be able to solicit funding and I do not shame him for this approach. Also, has tested it with many antivirus and malware scanning programs, and came up negative. Thank you for reading.

  • NOT A FALSE POSITIVE I sandboxed this thing, and it does contain multiple malware and crapware. Do not download, do not install. @sourceforge - Really? You're going to allow this?

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  • DVDStyler worked perfectly for 3 weeks, fantastic. Now when I hit "burn" it instantly closes down. Tries re-install, checked settings etc, no joy. Frustrating. It's magic when it was going.

  • You normally get what you pay for... in this case Free DOES NOT mean bad. Great app.

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  • Excelent

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  • Latest version 2.8.1 missing libintl-8.lib, will not run without it.

  • Excellent

  • Just what I have been looking for. Since leaving the world of Windows one of the few things I've missed was an easy way to make DVDs that have menus and chapters.

  • Quite good software

  • Fantastic Project with even more amazing potential. I wish I could code C++ in order to help. Thanks for everything that this developer does - Truly Amazing

  • i did this dvdstyler for the 4 projects of/from EU, need more features for stability, needs auto-help-feedback..

  • Malware in each Windows version ! Don't use DVDStyler ! www DOT virustotal DOT com/fr/file/d5813c94edda1639085271cd05a2ebb8601ed63f103838a76fc52c2d25c51450/analysis/1423467134/

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  • Trojan included in this software... what the hell, Sourceforge? RDN/Downloader.a!rk. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS

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  • Had to register to for giving a review. I have always thought SourceForge has only quality stuff, but this time I was terribly wrong. This software contains malware, so do not recommend this to anyone. Microsoft Essentials did not notice it, but it's not hard to see for yourself that each browser has add-ons installed and 4 different rogue processes running on the background. Had to spend 30 minutes just to remove the malware. Up next: Removal of the software. Hopefully that goes without fighting. Good luck to anyone installing this, probably your computer is full of malware. Reported this software for inappropriate content at sourceforge support page. Do the same, so we can get rid of this kind of malware-containing software from

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  • This is an excellent tool for authoring DVDs and it's even better that it is free. People have made comments about malware being installed but you can avoid installing anything you don't want by paying attention to the options you are given during the install process. The developer has obviously put much time and effort into this and has created a versatile, intuitive application. This is one of the few free applications I have felt compelled to donate cash to as I'd love to see future releases continue to build on and improve this product. Nice one.

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  • success at first click :))

  • I also created a SourceForge account just to write a review for this product. It's great! Yes, like most freeware, you have to pay attention while installing instead of just clicking blindly. Unless you're new to the internet, download this software to make highly customizable DVDs.

  • Created an account just for this. Don't download this software, it comes bundled with malware which installs without asking for permission.

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  • This software would be a solid 4 stars if not for the fact that it attempts to install malware WITHOUT letting you know or even giving you the option to opt out. Most software like this will at least give you the option to opt out of crapware installation, but this does not. Fortunately my virus scanner caught it, but software like this, that attempts malware installation with no notice, is now crap in my opinion. This should be removed from Sourceforge. For those reasons, it gets a 1-star rating.

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  • When you try to install, nod32 blocks this: 6/26/2014 8:40:53 PM Blocked by PUA blacklist C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\is-GQS2D.tmp\DVDStyler-2.8rc2-win32.tmp This web page is on the list of websites with dubious reputation or websites with potentially unwanted content.

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