Additional error correction for CD, DVD and BD media.

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User Reviews

  • I haven`t ever used so stable open source software.

  • thanks man, great soft!

  • A great tool to make DVD backups/archives more reliable.

  • dvdisaster is fast and convenient for adding recovery data to optical discs. This adds a layer of protection especially for long-term backup on (often unreliable) optical media. Storing any important data for more than a few years on DVDs is quite risky and even having a second copy may not be enough, if both copies fail in similar ways. I have used Par2 before, but it works only on a file level, whereas dvdisaster works on whole disc images including directories. Par2 also cannot handle sub-folders at this time making it inconvenient for certain kinds of data.

  • This software holds no advantage over simply including redundant PAR2 data to optical media for backups. No flexibility of the amount of recovery data, or the recovery data block size. No indication of control over where the recovery data is placed on the disk, vs, being able to place PAR2 data in different locations on optical media through NERO by setting file priority. No ability to optionally recover filesets vs an entire disk image. With PAR2 you have the option of recovering an individual file without the need for time consuming process of recovering the entire disk image. PAR2 gives you the flexibility of either creating backup data for file sets, or of a track from a multi-session CD image, and how much data you wish to provide. Using PAR2 it is also possible to create backup data on external media, as well as creating backup data for entire sets of disks, that reside on each disk set. For example, with PAR2, if you have a 5 DVD set, and one is missing or damaged, you can use the remaining 4 disks and the parity data created to recreate the missing disk. With par2 you can later add even more additional backup redundancy data. This application simply falls short of an already existing and more flexible and more effective means of creating redundant data for backup of optical, and other media.

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Win32 (MS Windows), X Window System (X11)

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