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  • Good :)

  • Worked fine for my one time use. DVD play also looked good. Created the vob with it and then used dvdfab to create the iso and windows to burn it. Had just tried FreeMake that only made an empty vob in about 30 seconds of work. Tried WinXDVD but didn't like it burning an ad into the front and back of my DVD. I've not yet used DVD Flick extensively as I just had a need for a one time wtv to dvd burn and, as I said, it worked well. v1.3.0.7 build 738 running on win10, Intel I5 3.4ghz, 12gb memory, used about 90% of one core out of four available.

  • Dear DVD Flick guys, I am working 3 decades in IT software development. Please do me a favor and stop developing. You do not know what you are doing. Your software produces data that requires to overburn a dvd. I wasted 3 hours on a top of the line quad core processor. Your software is inefficent in encoding, a time waster and seriously, please remove this rediculous "Find my soft Excellent LOGO from your homepage". Your software is rubbish and should not be hosted here on sourceforge. I recommend you got back to school and learn how to program quality software. Sourceforge used to be an excellent site for quality software. Why is there is there so much rubbish here these days. Guys, I recommend you do some testing before you allow some third class programmers to offer there crap for download here. Cheers from Australia and happy new year.

  • Multiple unsuccessful attempts, which, as others have pointed out, takes forever, largely due to the fact it barely pushes the CPU at all. Massive waste of time. Also, unlike most other DVD authoring software, it can't use the chapters from the input files for the final product.

  • I find a powerful MKV to DVD player - Avdshare Video Converter to help you convert MKV in 1080p, 720p or other resolution or convert H.264 MKV, MPEG-4 MKV, H.265 MKV, AVC MKV, VP8 MKV etc.

  • I downloaded this tool, and I guess it worked, but the picture quality went down a bit, and the audio and video got out of sync by about half a second, I see the lips moving after the talking in the movie stops, I compared it to the copy of the movie on the computer and the sync is off, is there a fix for it?

  • To address concerns of previous reviews: I use build, and it works reasonably well with SRT files (lots of customization options), but with MKVs, you need Xvid4PSP to convert your MKV to a hard subbed AVI. As for taking a while to process the audio track from an MP4 video file, make sure the audio is not encoded in AAC with any extensions like SBR. The version of FFmpeg included with DVD Flick doesn't know that particular flavor. I use VLC to identify when the audio track has an SBR AAC encoding, and then I use Mediacoder to encode an MP3 from those files - you just disable video processing and get a stand alone MP3 audio file which you can add in place of the MP4's audio track which you can remove and replace separately. It's one of DVD Flick's strengths. It's also very picky about characters in filenames. Any odd characters it doesn't like, certainly no Japanese characters (video not found message), and a curly brace "}" can cause an odd 424 Error. Just rename with a Square Brace "]" and it's fine. Also when I try to pull some MP4s into DVD Flick, it will complain with Video Not Found. Again, I use my version of Media Coder to Copy the streams into a new MP4 file. Yes it can do this (and can fix errant AVIs with bad or missing indexes, too). It will have a slightly more byte count - apparently this provides an index or something to fix the file format and usually DVD Flick likes that new file. I should try build to see if it will use sources bigger than 1GB.

  • When converting from MKV containing subtitle.The output Video doesn't contain subtitle.

  • Good software!

  • Exelente proyecto Lo único que le encuentro de malo es que tarda mucho en convertir

  • The interface is easy to use and it has nice features; however, it takes decades while converting 11 mp4 files into a DVD. The video encoding is done really fast; however, after 3 hours, it is still encoding the first audio track from 11. This is frustrating.

  • using win/8.1 sound issue but was fixable in sound edit never had to adj sound issue before but everything else works so far.i rated design poor because of the sound sync issue hopefully it will get fixed.but thanks dvd flick for the free program can't complain about the price !

  • I could fit the videos I ever wanted in a DVD for free with this handy tool without having to use other crappy software. It would be perfect if we could edit the video menus, like live thumbnails and adding custom grid thumbs. But either way I highly recommend it for DVD general purposes.

  • I used DVDflick for 4 years. It was ideal for my purposes. Unfortunately, with the latest updates to Windows 7, it has become basically unusable, gnerating "error 53: file not found" error at the end of every attempt to create a DVD. Looking for something else now that provides very simple, basic DVD autoring.

  • The included DVD menus aren't very stylish by modern design standards, and although you can download more, it requires more effort and knowledge than the bottom-rung user should be expected to know. Still, it DOES what it advertises: It allows one to burn video files to a DVD (and if they're too big, will automatically encode them to fit with an acceptable trade-off in quality), and the installer contains no crapware.

  • Great software, thank you.

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  • Dvdflick works perfect.

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  • Dvdflick works excellent.

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  • simple, fast and intuitive to use. You wont find better.

  • I needed something lightweight. this does the job beautifully, if maybe a bit slow. It is not running as well on multiple cores as I believe was the intention.. It must be an issue with, or with the use of, ffmpeg. Great work! Thanks

  • Great stuff.

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  • Great project, thanks a ton for posting

  • Quite a good program, but i did notice that even with my i7 920 and the threads set to 4 only a single core reached >80% utilization. A quick Google revealed I'm not the only user having this issue either.

  • Great software.

  • very rarely updates

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