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04 January 2013 Update: See for more details. REVISED INSTALLER for MAC, now anyone can install it with ease! Thanks to Michael Nillon from New Zealand for giving me the clue about why it didn't install! He loves the software and took the time to do some very basic and helpful fault diagnosis! Thanks Michael, see proof that the Open-Source community does work! :-)) Well used (on Mac [PPC & INTEL 10.4 up to OS X 10.7.x, untested on latest OS X 10.8+] & Windows machines [2K, XP, Vista, not tested on Windows 7 upwards]) X-platform web development tool that permits site sharing between machines via exports/import zip files of any web site you care to develop. WHAT IT IS: Integrated web development environment. Suggested donation £5 (or you can increase or decrease as you see fit!). Data (complete websites, styles) can be easily exported between platforms, using zip files, even menu, category and content look/feel styles (css) can be exchanged in the same manner. Try it, you'll like it! Need help building the Linux build for use on Linux systems. Basically this is a language and platform independent multilingual English (US & UK), Welsh and any others that can be thought of (help still needed on the translation process) tool. It started out as a menu shuffler, but there was nothing I could connect it to, so I ended up building a whole system to show it off! I am particularly proud of the way it can keep the connections between pages after you amend the menu structure after shifting the menu around. It outputs simple flat HTML, nothing else so it makes the system particularly secure and resistant to hacking. Just click 1 button at the top of the page and the whole interface changes language! Still looking for someone to assist me with the following: linux variant and interface (Real basic interface and image generator) tinyMCE updates plain text translation development and verification (all-in-one PHP based language files). Free but we are hopeful of gaining enough supporters to make the whole project viable via donations. Try it, you'll like it, it has taken many years of work on my own to get it to this stage, I look forward to seeing it grow rapidly! I have communication aphasia, courtesy of a stroke, triggered by a biopsy on a brain tumour (which we have called 'Ed', sorry, gallows humour!), it went awry, so my stamina (mental / physical) is not quite as high as it used to be. It makes my communication very difficult and drains my energy very quickly. Please bear with me whilst I try to beat it, thanks. Biz King Jan 2013 Now onwards: About the software: It is called Dutycrew. There is a story behind it's name, but I'm getting weary, so I'll just keep it to myself for now. :D Updates specific to the MAC ONLY 609 Build 17 Oct 2012 Revised installer to the original "Drag n Drop" type. Makes it much simpler to understand and use. Updates specific to the 608 Build 02 Aug 2012 Moved: "// SELECT AS APPROPRIATE:" inside a comments block, so it didn't print (readably) on the "login page", (cgi-bin/php_includes/includes/user_login.php). Amended processes in page (cgi-bin/php_includes/includes/regex_page_name_short2.php) so that only blank spaces get rewritten with an underscore (lines 81-108) [a leftover from the old system of avoiding file naming complications! Time has overtaken me!]: }else if($post_array[$start_parsing]==" "){ $post_array[$start_parsing]="_"; } is the most important part of the section! Amended code in page (htdocs/dutycrew/admin/page_rename.php line 74-76): From: … $_POST['page_native_name']=eregi_replace(" "," ",$_POST['page_native_name']); $_POST['page_native_name']=eregi_replace(" "," ",$_POST['page_native_name']); $_POST['page_native_name']=eregi_replace(" "," ",$_POST['page_native_name']); ... to read: ... $_POST['page_native_name']=eregi_replace(" ","_",$_POST['page_native_name']); $_POST['page_native_name']=eregi_replace(" ","_",$_POST['page_native_name']); $_POST['page_native_name']=eregi_replace(" ","_",$_POST['page_native_name']); … The above bit fixes a file saving issue where the page name would be wrongly modified. Took decision to alter naming conventions used to match windows variant with Mac variant (the 608 build is only a transient variation). Build 609 will embody this. Updates specific to the 607 Build 16 July 2012 Reinstated error checking routines for page short names and category short names. Reintroduced Windows variant, after a long hiatus of over a year. So it might have some problems initially. Updates specific to the 606 Build 21 June 2012 Stripped url encode (have kept a record of what files and what was changed) Plus utf8_encode (have kept a record of what files and what was changed) Plus utf8_decode (have kept a record of what files and what was changed) from everything! Updates specific to the 602 Build 14 June 2012 Made all relevant text fields in database "BLOBS". (have a copy of the basic unmodified database if I need to revert) Updates specific to the 601 Build Date 14 June 2012 Database (internal) now fully ready for multilingual language packs. Updates specific to the 600 Build Date 06 June 2012 Open source conversion nearly complete. I just need some assistance with the interface translation and we are fully functional. It is already fully functional in English (US and UK variants) plus Welsh (but I have yet to have my online translations verified). Updates specific to the 501 Build Date 29 February 2012 Have fixed non-updating font chooser from within the flash font identifier. (Hope to get this replaced with something tons more elegant in the very near future. Numerous bug fixes and stuff to make it easier to have non-english users and make their translating efforts more rewarding! Have removed the gubbins I put in, as it would have prevented anyone from using non alphanumeric characters in the code. I still have to go through the PHP to give an indication of which line of the language file to head for, but I will. I still have to find a way to let the editor know what language to use, but I will manage soon (unless there are any SF volunteers out there?). Updates specific to the 500 Build Date 23 February 2012 Software is now unencrypted and Open Source. Updates specific to the 464 Build Date 14 May 2011 Added auto-fix for miscoded paragraphs (my error). Fixes navigation issues where page is not completed properly and links to next/previous page appear in wrong place. Updates specific to the 463 Build Date 09 April 2011 Made e-commerce work. Paypal now recognises the email address. Introduced x-platform system to permit testing in Windows (that is where I do most development!) but that puts the onus on the Webonaut to only import the correct files. Will cause chaos sometime but shouldn't if the webonaut understands the naming conventions I have used AND pays attention to what they are doing. Updates specific to the 462 Build Date 02 March 2011 Revised whole editor page to fix a non-changing font bug. Updates specific to the 459 Build Date 12 February 2011 Revised whole editor page to permit extensive development and fixed 'non-saving' bug. Updates specific to the 458 Build Date 17 January 2011 Added file counter to upload page (so that we know how many files were planned to be uploaded). Updates specific to the 457 Build Date 17 January 2011 Modified upload page to reflect actual activity (Changed the location of the "bot" named anchor.) Updates specific to the 456 Build Date 14 December 2010 Added tax Rate option on E-commerce setup page. Added modification to installer preventing over-installation of an existing system, but permitting an upgrade where suitable. (Which did not work!) Updates specific to the 455 Build Date 08 December 2010 Introduced 'built in contact us' form capability (just needs the Webonaut to tweak the form data), but only for newly created sites. Updates specific to the 441 Build Date 08 November 2010 Fixed error with iFrame deletion. Enabled inline code insertion. Enabled e-commerce facility, with email address integrated into the system. Updates specific to the 440 Build Date 05 October 2010 Improved data handling (and removed complex error message). Updates specific to the 435 Build Date 12 September 2010 Removed error messages on site import. Updates specific to the 427 Build Date 10 September 2010 Removed error messages on site export. Updates specific to the 426 Build Date 09 September 2010 Software is now e-commerce capable. Needs careful use to get the best out of it, but still needs no database (uses cookies). May cause apparent error when first running the software after the update, but does not interfere with normal operation of software. This will be fixed in a future version of the software. Updates specific to the 422 Build Date 25 November 2009 Removed (and fixed) cause of error message when making new site. Introduced branch to installer code recognizing that the Intel and PPC variants require different procedures. Updates specific to the 420 Build Date 01 April 2009 Introduced form validation capability. Added capability to add specialist code to page head sections. Added automatic validation javascript inclusion. Updates specific to the 412 Build Date 31 March 2009 Introduced automated robots.txt process, managed through the search engine control page. Updates specific to the 400 Build Date 26 March 2009 Introduced sitemap capability to upload mechanism. Updates specific to the 396 Build Date 22 March 2009 Corrected minor style setting error which broke W3C compliance on index page. All created pages and stylesheets are now W3C compliant (HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS 2.1). Updates specific to the 394 Build Date 16 March 2009 Amended database amendment routine, plus corrected footer sessions issue causing footer aberations. Updates specific to the 393 Build Date 15 March 2009 Added capability to have a standard page footer (via html code, or banner image style) added to all pages. Added left, center and right align option for footer images and 'footer code'. Added option to have footer code (and images) encapsulated in a footer table that matches the base menu colour of that category. Updates specific to the 389 Build Date 09 March 2009 Added left, center and right align option for banner images. Updates specific to the 388 Build Date 04 March 2009 Added Webonauts-only password import export mechanism. Fixed ftp server bug when importing sites. Updates specific to the 387 Build Date 26 February 2009 Repaired last modified header code(s). Updates specific to the 386 Build Date 26 February 2009 Removed donation code option(s). Added facility to add embedded media to pages via editor system. Added 'Compact' or 'Expanded' menu option for the page making process. Not currently exportable between machines, but very simple to implement from a user perspective. Useful for complex menu structures. Updates specific to the 380 Build Date 08 February 2009 Fixed a series of anomalies affecting W3 standards compliance. Software now creates W3 standards compliant HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS 2.1 code. Licensing change: The DutyCrew software is licensed for non commercial use on uniquely individual machines. It is not licensed for Networked use (i.e. users who are working on other machines). For editing 4 or more sites, a donation towards the development of this software is required, which will result in a donation code being provided to the user. Access to the donation mechanism is via the software login page. To use this software commercially, it is required that the user undergo training and to become a Webonauts Franchisee. Updates specific to the 357 Build Date 19 January 2009 Fixed minor style import bug. Updates specific to the 354 Build Date 13 August 2008 Fixed bug which could be triggered by user using controller to log in, triggering an error message, whilst already logged in, in a different browser window. Updates specific to the 353 Build Date 02 August 2008 Fixed site import bug with newly exported sites, did not affect older exported archives. Updates specific to the 352 Build Date 31 July 2008 Fixed site export bug where system looked for non-existent table. Now made fail-safe. Updates specific to the 350 Build Date 14 July 2008 Improved editing experience (Name of page being edited now appears in browser window title bar, making it easier to navigate between windows when there are many windows open). Improved page locking mechanism (removed conflicting code which sometimes caused file-locking difficulties) to avoid timeout problems whilst in the page editing phase. Fixed included file bug in site testing section. Fixed minor style import bug (caused by upgrading style system without allowing for legacy file structures) Updates specific to the 345 Build Date 09 July 2008 Further improved, better controller, improved upload mechanism for Safari browsers. Updates specific to the 344 Build Date 09 July 2008 Further improved, more stable upload process introduced, copes better with slow connections and busy ftp servers, provides better feedback. Updates specific to the 312 Build Date 04 July 2008 Improved site export and import options - sites now retain full details of alternate site uploads if needed, with the exception of passwords (this is intentional for security reasons). Included an option to apply datestamps in the form of "Site last updated" text at the bottom of the site menu strip. Enhanced datestamp option by adding a 'Page last edited" option which will allow the last edited date of a page to be displayed at the bottom of it. This can easily be turned on and off, with a number of date formats being available. Updates specific to the 310 Build Date 03 July 2008 Revised complete import/export mechanism using UTF-8 due to cross-platform compatibility issues. Included legacy support for importing older archives. Updates specific to the 309 Build Date 02 July 2008 Fixed minor errors as recorded in the error logs, discovered during testing of previous builds, plus minor Safari timeout related workarounds. Cancelled implementation of access logs (reduces footprint of the software). Fixed css error on donation link page. Fixed paragraph creation issue on Safari. Updated editor to TinyMCE version which further fixed Safari incompatibilities. New controller to launch default browser, now that Safari is compatible. Removed registration requirement. Added donation buttons on login page. Added 'Donations thanks' on login page for all users who donate. Added database enhancements to aid future development. Portable Camino no longer required (our thanks are extended to Carlo Gandolfi and Paolo Portaluri and their portable Camino project [] []) Smaller download due to no requirement to include Portable Camino. Updates specific to the 284 Build Date 13 December 2007 Fixed Style Generation bug The note, notebold and attention styles were not being correctly encoded in stylesheets when site was 'made/printed'. Updates specific to the 283 Build Date 10 December 2007 Improved 'page locked' mechanism for OS X. Improved Page Editor 'save' process. Updates specific to the 280 Build Date 07 December 2007 Page Editor style generation updates. Users should run "Site Maker" once on all sites after update and prior to page editing. Updates specific to the 278 Build Date 30 November 2007 Page Edit Chooser now has 'top of page' link. Updates specific to the 277 Build Date 29 November 2007 Style system revised to generate default font sizes for table headers Page Edit Chooser now has 'bokmark' facility to prevent unwanted scrolling whilst editing sequential pages. Page Edit Chooser also has 'Quick Find' alphanumeric menu at top of page. Updates specific to the 276 Build Date 28 November 2007 Style generation system modified to allow Page Editor to more accurately implement styles. Default Font sizes now applied to Paragraphs, Lists and Tables. Updates specific to the 272 Build Date 26 November 2007 Page Editor now shows names (long and short) of page(s) being edited. Improved, more efficient upload mechanism. Improved server path handling for uploading to servers where site root folders need creating. Faster ftp redundant web page deletion mechanism. Updates specific to the 270 Build Date 21 November 2007 Improved stability for lower specification systems (extended times for certain operations). Improved upload mechanism. Improved image generation. Updates specific to the 267 Build Date 19 November 2007 Site import mechanism improved. Site Upload mechanism improved. Fixed Site Import failure when first action after initial install is to import a site. (Failed to make initial directory) Updates specific to the 266 Build Date 13 November 2007 Provides better site maker stability if page left open for long period of time (data no longer expires). Updates specific to the 264 Build Date 07 November 2007 Provides even more robust uploading function. Updates specific to the 262 Build Date 07 November 2007 Provides less intrusive demo 'watermarking' (smaller fonts used) More reliable uploads for hosts with slow ftp servers. Improved site publishing mechanism. NEW FEATURE: Alternate ftp uploads Permits uploading of same code to alternate ftp locations (Manage several sites with same code) Updates specific to the 261 Build Released 06 November 2007 Minor interface improvements. Updates specific to the 259 Build Date 05 November 2007 Provides an auto-import facility when uploading styles into system. Improves operation on Vista. Fixes: Fixes Intermittent style Import errors. Updates specific to the 256 Build Date 31 October 2007 Fixes: Fixes broken iFrame support in editor. Fixes broken style reader for editor when using single styles across a whole site. Updates specific to the 251 Build Date 27 October 2007 No Mac Release, windows only. Vista compatible Fixes: Fixes Windows configuration error. Fixes UrlOpen error in editor. Updates specific to the 255 Build Date 29 October 2007 Provides separate online sources of upgrade information for Linux, Mac and Windows. Fixes: Fixes intermittent menu repeating error for imported sites. Fixes style chooser and preview system when using sites with multiple styles (i.e. different style per category). Updates specific to the 250 Build Date 26 October 2007 First Leopard Compatible Release on Leopard Launch Day Fixes: Fixes License loading problems for subscriptions. Revised log in page to allow machine registration and simplify license management features. Updates specific to the 234 Build Date 16 October 2007 Revised log in page to allow machine registration and simplify license management features. Added features: Page Rename and link auto-amender facility added. Also updates any manually added links to pages that link to it. Category rename has link auto-amender process added. Page Deletion facility added. Only deletes pages which have been removed from site, or not added. Also has link auto-amender process added (amended links will have no url) Updates specific to the 230 Build Date 11 October 2007 The licensing engine has been rewritten to make the demo versions work without prior user and machine registration. Demo versions no longer have a demo period, they have unlimited duration. Demo versions of the software now write: "made with demonstration DutyCrew software" notices on all pages created with the system using the demo version. Fully licensed and subscribed versions will not write those notices to the pages. Added Features: No registration is required until a license is either subscribed to or purchased. Demo period is now unlimited. Expired Subscription Licenses now revert to unlimited Demo mode. Demo mode includes code in saved websites that indicates it is demo software. A full license or subscription license removes the "made with demo software" notice. Updates specific to the 227 Build Date 03 October 2007 Added Features: Page Editor now enabled for Text Areas. Enhanced Page Placement features (Native and web names displayed alongside preview image) Enhanced Page Removal features (Native page name displayed alongside preview image) Page Edit chooser now displays Page previews in alphabetical order instead of creation order. Menu adjustment now clearer. Fixes: Fixed page save error on Mac OS X (Tiger) Fixed metatag inclusion error (incompatible with encryption system) Amended code for Gecko based browsers which broke the forms element of the Page Editor Updates specific to the 222 Build Date 27 September 2007 Added Features: Metatag edior and enabler. page editor is now Forms enabled. CSS generator revised. CSS color chooser updated. Upload feedback now includes time feedback for each stage. Fixes: Fixed CSS menu border color issue (defaulted to white instead of chosen border color for sub menus. Updates specific to the 218 Build Date 17 September 2007 Fixes: Fixed minor error with Editor where iframes would be stripped from source code. Fixed image preview system (reverted to older variant) as pages were left blank in preview window. Fixed Import errors with zip archives for style system. Updates specific to the 216 Build: Date 11 September 2007 Fixes: Fixed minor page naming error that truncated page names with a "0" in them. Updates specific to the 214 build: Date 29 August 2007 More compact log in page. Revised image and media upload routines when uploading to live websites/ftp servers. Duplicate items being imported into the system are now appended with a datestamp in the form of: YYYYMMDDhhmmss (e.g. 20070831093022 [which would be 2007 August 31st 09.30.22]) This prevents existing files being accidently overwritten with new data. The introduction of DutyCrew 2 synchronized the code base between Mac and Windows platforms, enabling more consistent and accurate import/export of site zip file. There is also a much simpler and more varied color chooser for the style system.
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